Monday, October 12, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 10/12

Happy Columbus Day! Coincidentally, if you follow the Julian calenday, it was on the 12th that he set foot on the New World. That translates to the 21st on the modern Gregorian calendar. I know most of you are enjoying the holiday, but I am as well.

I am still on a high from a championship sealed with a salute and a kiss.

Sealing a back-to-back for the first time since 1987-88 is a great thing. Now plans are afoot to seal a third straight title in 2009, despite losing three reliable players, including the last two Finals MVPs. We have the necessary players who can contribute in the pipeline. We just had our bonfire to celebrate the wins of our GS, HS and college teams to end the first semester.

This is the final minute of the said game:

This is how we celebrated in the court on that fateful momentThat's the Ateneo Way

And so the positive feelings and vibrations move on and I hope your alma maters achieve the same success as mine has.

Here are the links to love:

Asia's first professional basketball league returns. At the same time, the newest one just emerged.

Coming soon: the return of the Nordiques.

Mr. Ashley Judd won a championship recently. Yup, no one cares about racing unless it was a redneck.

There is more to competitive eating other than that event in Coney Island.

Regardless of this guy in Game 2, Sparty still believes that they won with ease.

7-6 for Boston means a little different now compared to its old past.

Meanwhile, Carl Pavano makes his biggest Yankee contribution ever. Unfortunately, he plays for the Twins now.

Here is a sort-of ALCS Preview. It's on FOX, so you have been warned.

Welcome to the frozen tundra that is Lambeau Coors Field. Unfortunately, the Phillies take homefield back.

Tiger + Jordan = Easy dominance.

Your latest futbol update: Remember when Petco was invaded by bees? This happened in Azteca Stadium.

More futbol: It's all about trying to qualify for South Africa in 2010 during the weekend. 19 teams have qualified already, the United States included.

I hate their uniforms, but the Son of Hoodie is 5-0.

Here, look: That is really ugly.

Game ball to Mike Zimmer and his family.

Losing to the Giants is not the worst of Tom Cable's troubles.

Who is in the hotter seat? Dick Jauron or Jim Zorn?

Finally, a special parting video. Because Ateneo = Amazing.

Ateneo back to back - Amazing. from Aaron Vicencio on Vimeo.

And simply, Win or Lose, it's the school we choose.

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