Thursday, October 8, 2009

Countdown to hours and a Twin reflection

In a matter of hours, I would either be in complete jubilation or complete agony.

Two schools, two differing factions, two opposing concepts and credences. One is running on pure emotion and skill, the other focused on discipline and gameplan.

You can throw everything out the window now. This is about desire. This is about wanting it more than the other man.

Ateneo vs East. Eagles vs Warriors. Thursday. 330pm.

What I expect to see from Ateneo:

1. Better focus on the defensive end: Pari Llagas and Elmer Espiritu finished with a combined 41 points. In Elmer's case, he was ridiculous shooting the ball. And yes, that alley-oop play should not be happening when things are right.

2. Better shot selection and shot conversion: Too many threes (34 attempts). Too many passed up and missed opportunities.

3. Getcha head in the game: Rabeh, please.... Cooler heads must prevail and not let the three blind mice in.

4. San Sebastian, pray for us: Their tandem (Lee and Reyes) vs our tandem (Salamat and Buenafe). Eric and Ryan were outplayed in Game 2.

One last thought: I think the guys at Nonoy for President can best illustrate the collective thoughts of the 6th Man.

One Big Fight! For the Win. For the Blue and the White and the Eagles in Flight.


Speaking of do-or-die games, I was able to watch the one between the Tigers and Twins. Now there's a team that traditionally likes drama. Minnesota has a knack of being really good come September and October in pulling out rabbits out of their hats. They did it again, winning 6-5 against Detroit. A year ago, they lost to the White Sox on a Podsednik homer.

This was quoted from Yankee fan Rick Olivares

NY-Min match-up
catcher: Benjie Molina vs. Joe Mauer
pitcher: CC Sabathia vs. Brian Duensing
first base: Mark Teixiera vs. Michael Cuddyer
second base: Robinson Cano vs. Nick Punto
third base: Alex Rodriguez vs. Matt Tolbert
shortstop: Derek Jeter vs. Orlando Cabrera
left field: Johnny Damon vs. Delmon Young
centerfield: Melky Cabrera vs. Denard Span
right field: Nick Swisher vs. Jason Kubel
designated hitter: Hideki Matsui vs. Jose Morales

New York will have Jerry Hairston Jr, Eric Hinske, Brett Gardner, and even Jorge Posada as utility for the first game.

One: Bengie Molina is currently with the San Francisco Giants. He is a Free Agent at the end of the year. His brother, Jose, is the one playing for the Yankees.
Two: Speaking of Jose, he will be catching AJ Burnett, not CC Sabbathia, as seen in the news as of late.
Three: Yankees are prohibitive favorites, but they better win Game 1. Nice sendoff for the Homerdome.

Baseball playoffs are on. Enjoy the ride.

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