Monday, October 5, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 10/5

Sports always provides good therapy for all ills. When Katrina came around in New Orleans, it meant a lot. The MNF moment buoyed a positive vibe to a city that really needed it.

Unfortunately, what happens when your therapy turns into your worst nightmare? It sure happened last night. It was really ugly and it was brutal. It was shocking. It was epic, so to speak. I was at a loss for words and I was frustrated.

Now, it lies in a do-or-die tiebreaker game. Everything on the line for the final game. A title-clinching game. Nothing else matters come Thursday, 330pm local time. (check your timezones) Those who are interested to watch can do so online.

Now to the links we all love.

Speaking of tiebreakers, the J-Rods will actually be playing again. (Can J-Rod write his eulogy for the Metrodome?)

They will be facing off against Rick Porcello on Tuesday night.

Why Tuesday night? Because on Monday night, there will be reservations for six.

The Mannings did not lose yesterday. Not Peyton. Not Eli. Not even Archie's old boys. However, Eli hurt his heel in the process.

Is it the end of the Bobby Bowden era? A point to ponder for a TWTWCFB post. Watch out. One thing I can vouch, winning cures all ills.

Speaking of curing all ills, remember how much flak there was in the Plains for hiring Gene Chizik? They are in the Top 25. Spartacast had an interesting discussion regarding Cincy and Boise State. The Bearcats are ranked ahead of the Buckeyes and the Hokies overtook the Broncos.

If you need a QB in 2010? He might be an ideal choice. Believe me, he is better than a lot of QB's out there. Care to name all those starting QB's you would junk for him?

Good news all around New England: they beat a bitter rival and an old hand returns.

Where to, Bobby Valentine? Because you came back to the United States not to just be some figurehead.

The Sawx make known their pitching rotation. We have a Yankee guy, a Sawx guy, a J-Rod, at least 2 from the left coast. How about someone touting a team and feature a tete a tete of the 4 Divisional Series. We can have guest commenters for this.

The NBA beckons, and more J-Rod good news: Kurt Rambis won his first game. Are we ready to argue with the GITC expectorant again? Don't worry, Mondays will be peppered with a TWTWTNBA. Suggestions for content are very much welcome Contributions are encouraged.

Problem in Hockeytown? Then again, it is early. The Blackhawks were in nearby Finland.

Futbol update: It was Blue over Red to remain in step with Glazer's boys. Because Glazer's new Reds are much much better than the other Reds that Glazer owns. Meanwhile, the new Galacticos finally lost.

Finally: Pacquiao chips in his share of assistance.

Fantasy Updates:

Pigskin Pick 'em: (Pending MNF Game)
Week 4: Mike Vick PETA Sandwich leads with 12. Sparty and Marco are among those who are 11.
In Total: JB leading Sparty by 2. Rek and Trey chasing him down.

College Pick 'Em:
Week 5: Dew's Dynamos got 50. Sparty got 48. Patphish and Natsfan finished with 46.
In Total: Waiting for Next Year has a 4pt lead over Sparty, with Patphish and erstwhile leader henry8minus1 following.

Fantasy Football:
S&F League:
Show Me Those TD's vs Ateneo LA Clippers = 88 vs 112
Favre and Long vs Bacon Wrapped Donuts = 63 vs 37
Jersey Dirty Sanchezes vs Erin's Peephole = 102 vs 82
Red Hawks vs Miami Mullens = 75 vs 29
Serena's Ball Gag vs Gisele's Goat Mask = 65 vs 83

M&F League:
Ta-Kill-Ya Merrimans vs Ateneo LA Clippers = 44 vs 67
Jason Campbell Soup vs Patphish Baconators = 106 vs 107
Superbowl Homeboy vs Jones tackles Dyson = 31 vs 55
Mike Vick PETA Sandwich vs Huge Tebowners = 67 vs 92
Lights Out Tequila vs Team Oh No Stinko = 90 vs 97

Video Parting Shot:

This is for Sparty

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