Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Definitive NBA Preview (part 2)

This is a portion of the definitive NBA Preview, despite what others may claim. I will try to tackle the prevailing issues the best that I can do so that the standards can be met by the others here and those who read elsewhere.

Part 2 is simply gazing into the crystal ball and peering into the different Awards that are to be given out this year, as well as the other things that need predicting.

Award winners:
-    MVP: Easy choice. I still think this is LeBron James' domain for a while.
-    DPOY: Easy choice. I still think this is Dwight Howard's domain for a while.
-    ROY: Despite the early injury, Blake Griffin is the choice. (Homer alert!)
-    COY: Jerry Sloan, because it is simply a travesty that he has not won yet.
-    MIP: Courtney Lee. He will be the slashing scorer he was at WKU.
-    6th man: Jamal Crawford. I really think the Hawks are better. It's just that the three teams above them are ridiculous.

Best offseason move: Richard Jefferson for nothing. The Spurs know what they need.
Worst offseason move: Kahn picking 4 point guards, Wayne Ellington and Henk Norel. Trading 1 of the 4 away and two going overseas.
Most underrated offseason move: Tie. Hawks and Clippers with their offseason transactions (Homer alert!)
Biggest storyline so far: The big-time teams getting better. The mediocre franchises gettting worse.
Storyline that we need to keep an eye on: the emergence of the kids of Oklahoma City.
Coach on the hotseat - Lawrence Frank. All the teams in East have had some sort of coaching overhaul over the past few years. You might be on the next one. Besides, not much is expected with what is on the cupboard right now.
Player on the hotseat - LeBron. It's all about you. What you do. and the offseason that follows.
Executive on the hotseat - Danny Ferry. Bringing in Shaq was a huge gamble. Will it pay off for him.

Divisional winners: Celtics, Cavs, Magic (East) and Lakers, Blazers, Spurs (West)

8 playoff teams of each conference
East: Celtics, Cavs, Magic, Hawks, Heat, Bulls, Wizards, Raptors
West: Lakers, Spurs, Blazers, Mavs, Nuggets, Jazz, Hornets, Clippers

4 Conference Semifinalists:
East: Celtics, Cavs, Magic, Hawks
West: Lakers, Spurs, Blazers, Nuggets

2 Conference Finals:
East: Celtics, Magic
West: Lakers, Spurs

NBA Finals: Celtics vs Lakers
NBA Champion: Lakers in 6. Revenge is served.

All-stars Roster

Starters: D-Wade, D-Rose, Lebron, KG, D-12
Reserves: Shaq, Joe Johnson, Danny Granger, The Truth, Jesus Shuttlesworth, Rashard Lewis, Agent Zero

Starters: The Answer, Kobe, Dirk, TD, Pau
Reserves: D-Will, Boozer, CP3 (wooooooooo!!!), Durant, Brandon Roy, David West, Melo

Lastly, every Monday, Alongside the TWTWTNBA: there will be this little segment called the games of the day, as i pick out one game per gameday that I personally like.

Here we go:
October 27: As much as I like LA @ LA, Boston vs Cleveland is the more flavored choice.
October 28: ESPN has New Orleans vs San Antonio. Both have new interesting pieces to play with.
October 29: TNT Doubleheader. Melo is a stud, but Roy is a star. Time to let the rest of the ignorant world know about it. Denver - Portland.
October 30: Vince Carter returns to New Jersey, with GatorTrey's crew.
October 31: Halloween. Which scares you more less: Sparty's Pistons or Sae's Bucks?
November 1: How about the GatorTreys visiting Hedo up north?

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