Monday, August 1, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - August 1 edition

Welcome to the latest edition of The Victory Formation

The baseball trade deadline came and went. Football signings are afoot. Things are in sync. Except for the baller in me. There is still no basketball in the foreseeable future in the United States. It's disappointing, but I still need my normal updates on basketball. By this time, there should be discussion on the Association, like some summer league action.

I was also a little disappointed because our football team exited out of the 2014 World Cup. Sure, we played a tough opponent, but we had our chances and we muffed those. Nothing else to it. We'll be better at it and Moscow beckons for us.

On the other hand, my alma mater is 5-0. And that is a very awesome feeling.

Here forth are the links after the jump:

So, how did the SMART Ultimate All-Star Weekend came about? (c/o Grantland)

Is Lawrence Frank the answer or simply another question? (c/o MSU State News)

FIBA clears the NBA players to play given the lockout. (c/o Peninsula is Mightier)

Kobe Bryant is open to the idea of playing elsewhere. (c/o Washington Post)  He also has some futbol skills, too. (c/o Larry Brown Sports)

Bring back the Sonics, Stern. They definitely have more offense than the Mariners. (c/o Hardwood Paroxysm)

Duke committed a possible recruiting violation? (c/o Lost Lettermen)

The final cast for the University Games for USA Basketball is almost set. (c/o Nation of Blue)

Tar Heel football might get worse before it gets better. (c/o Sports Grid)

You reap what you recruit, Zooker. (c/o College Football Talk)

What exactly what the Pac-12 Network entail? (c/o Statesman Journal)

So, Cody Green wants the Golden Hurricane instead. (c/o Tulsa World)

Persa strong? (c/o Heisman Pundit)

Nope, Heath Shuler is not coming through that door. (c/o Tennessean)

Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Oi! Oi! Oi! (c/o The West Australian)

5 majors already. (c/o The Daily Democrat)

The Brickyard in NASCAR. (c/o NASCAR Insiders)

Jenson marks his 200th race the way he wants it, a win. (c/o Scottish Daily Record)

Serena wins tournaments. (c/o San Francisco Chronicle)

The end for Fedor arriving? (c/o 5th Round)

X Games happened. (c/o ESPN)

Interesting Draw (c/o Sambafoot), but you spent this amount for 100 minutes? (c/o Daily Mirror) Hmmm...

The end has arrived for Bob Bradley. (c/o GazetteNet) And here comes Juergen Klinsmann. (c/o Shin Guardian)

The Special One gets a good break. (c/o Football FanCast)

Futbol really gaining a foothold in the United States. (c/o Washington Times)

New York Red Bulls with a trophy to take home. (c/o Tribal Football) But there was supposed to be a plan to allow Thierry Henry to play for Arsenal for 5 minutes. (c/o Vital Football)

The ticking time bomb (c/o Crunch Sports) that is Mario Balotelli. (c/o The Guardian) Yup, that guy did this recently:

There were some trades... More discussion on The Boxscore later. (c/o Weekly Hit Ground Ball)

Where do you go now, Terrelle? (c/o Mocking the Draft)

Plax to the Green Side of New York. (c/o The National)

Now why would you walk out on a team? (c/o NFL Spin Zone)

To part, these guys were just here this past weekend.

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