Monday, July 25, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 7/25/11 edition

Greeting everyone! Welcome to the latest edition of The Victory Formation.

The past weekend was a great sporting spectacle. I wrote about it here. It's heartwarming and enlightening on how they somehow pulled it off, but they did, and the result is amazing. Once I am done with the pictures from the press conference I attended, I will shed some more tales.

Here are the collation of stories from The Ultimate All-Star Weekend. Thanks to @firequinito for compiling them into one group.

Here forth are the links after the jump.

There was actually a WNBA All-Star game. (c/o Seattle Times) At the same time, they named the top 15 WNBA players ever. (c/o Los Angeles Times)

Well, The November Nine has been revealed. (c/o Eat My Stack)

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Tour de France! (c/o Fairfield City Champion)

I wonder if The Albert would fare better than the Jabulani. (c/o Mirror Football)

Amir Khan pulls off the win. (c/o East Side Boxing)

Tennis perfection. (c/o St. Louis Today)

Lewis Hamilton wins in Germany. (c/o Keeda of Sports)

Could UConn have a new AD soon? (c/o Hartford Courant)

Is the Fighting Sioux worth fighting for? (c/o Kansas City Star)

It's official. Aircraft Carrier for NCAA. (c/o CNN)

Yup. Renardo Sidney is staying at home. No Eurotrip for him. (c/o Searching for Billy Edelin)

The Fulmer Cup is never complete without Tennessee. (c/o Go Vols Extra)

The Cubs look to him hacking it like his dad. (c/o The Cheap Seats)

Lockout buzz. (c/o ProBasketball Talk)

Toronto Blue Jays finally make it to the Hall of Fame. (c/o Toronto Star)

Will BJ Upton finally get traded? (c/o St. Petersburg Times-Forum)

The NFL lockout is about to end... Mercifully. (c/o NFL Spin Zone)

And to part, here's the song that brought fame and notoriety to Amy Winehouse. May you have found the inner peace that you have been searching, Amy.

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