Monday, July 4, 2011

Blog Outsourcing 7/4 edition

Welcome to the latest edition of The Victory Formation.

I want to wish every single American I know a happy Independence Day. Remember this line:

Just when you think about the Fourth of July, you think about fireworks and similar stuff like that. Then again, in Ohio, there is a new way to celebrate in the clubs. This comes too late for Plaxico Burress, as it would have better for him to have played with the Cleveland Browns or the Cincinnati Bengals instead of the Giants.

Here forth are the links.

An American (c/o The Daily Mail) leading the resurgence of Palestinian Football (c/o FIFA).

Nothing like having the Sheik of Abu Dhabi sign off on wish lists. (c/o Soccerlens)

Frank Rijkaard tasked to bring back respectability to Saudi Arabian football. (c/o The Sun)

West Ham and Tottenham want the Olympic Stadium after 2012. (c/o Sport Business)

Handball in the Women's World Cup for football. (c/o Australian Four Four Two) The Hungarian referee has since apologized for the gaffe and will most likely be exiled back. (c/o Daily Telegraph Australia)

The magic of Marta, the best female footballer in the world. (c/o Boston Globe)

The latest on what used to be dubbed as the Tour de Lance. (c/o The Register-Guard)

Michael Phelps is slowly getting into form. (c/o New York Times)

Looks like Nate Marquardt has been given the kibosh. (c/o Bloody Elbow)

Wanderlei Silva. Probably the end of his era. (c/o Digital Journal)

The Djokovic is on you. (c/o Daily Mirror)

TWWL poached another victory away from Comcast NBC. It's one of their prized traditions. (c/o Media Bistro)

Ana Ivanovic must still have a pretty strong clout to do this. (c/o The Independent)

David Haye could not walk the walk. (c/o East Side Boxing)

The fight that needs to happen probably will not happen. (c/o Boxing Scene)

What you want to know about Lon Kruger and his contract? (c/o Tulsa World)

This Longhorn is gunning for the long jump. (c/o Burnt Orange Nation)

But wait, there's more to the Sharks and Wild. (c/o Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

Look who's back in the good ol' USA. (c/o Broad Street Hockey)

Quite simple and quaint, but here is a simple end to a simple post.

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