Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beckham(?) and the Galaxy in Manila

So, there have been rumors about some English superstar coming into our shores in the holiday season. Of course, you have seen the reports and you got all too-giddy.

I'd like to remind you of some things.

1. The announcement of whether this is legit or not lies with the LA Galaxy, first and foremost. The only announcement from their end is their friendly against the Melbourne Victory scheduled on December 6 at the Ettihad Stadium in Australia. As per someone, a LA Galaxy official is said to be checking out if Rizal Memorial is ideal for such a friendly to take place. Bugging them Galaxy players about this is not really a good idea given that the team is currently starting its playoff run.

This measure once again reminds us that we really do need an updated stadium. Not necessarily a cavernous one, but nevertheless, a new stadium fit for an impressive friendly / match. It preferably has to be near the NCR, though. Also, wish said stadium is either covered or uses field turf, to ensure all weather availability.

2. Even if the LA Galaxy do want to come here to Manila, we don't know who are they sending here. Their newest acquisition, Ireland captain Robbie Keane, was injured in their Euro Qualifier and will in all likelihood will be missing most, if not all of the playoffs. The MLS Cup (if they get far enough, will be on November 20). And the biggest question of it all, David Beckham is an upcoming free agent. His contract expires at the end of the season. There has been no reports of David renewing his contract with MLS via LA. Plus, he wants to play in Europe once the transfer window reopens at the start of the year. With rumors of offers in England (Tottenham, Queens Park Rangers and Leicester City) and France (Paris-Saint-Germain) out and about, we are not exactly sure if he's coming.

I do, remain hopeful that they come and play. I just want to properly frame myself up and keep expectations modest and at the same time, realistic.

I ain't some kind of a naysayer. I'm just the truth-teller, y'all.

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