Monday, October 31, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - October 21, 2011 edition


Hello and welcome to the Halloween Edition of The Morning After.

As the norm, the 1st day of November is a holiday here in the Motherland with All Saints' Day, where families all across the islands go to the cemetery and visit their dearly departed loved ones. The government has been kind enough to declare today as a special holiday to accommodate the throngs of people who will going back to the provinces.

As for me, I am looking forward to that, although I will be reporting to work today and tomorrow. Hopefully all of those who had to deal with the nasty weather have been able to resolve things correctly. It has been sunny here, but with November coming, the northeast monsoon brings the cold Christmas atmosphere.

Here forth are the links after the jump.
D-Leaguers get you a bronze. (c/o Ridiculous Upside)

Baseball returning to the Olympics? (c/o Washington Post)

End of the road for B.J. Penn (c/o Inside Fights)

You probably have nothing to do on Super Bowl Weekend, right? (c/o Yahoo! via Cagewriter)

Ok, so Bob Arum is being a pessimist. (c/o NBC Sports via Off The Bench).

Still, Floyd brought in the $$$! (c/o Boston Herald)

Marat Safin, parliamentarian. (c/o Daily Mail)

David Beckham > Thierry Henry (c/o Los Angeles Times & New York Times)

Galaxy to the Motherland. (c/o Soccer Central Philippines)

Soccer has concussion issues, too. (c/o

They're back on top. For how long, we will see. (c/o Managing Madrid)

You remember him authoring this. Now he just authored this. (c/o The Guardian)

16 thoughts over 8 goals at Stamford Bridge. (c/o Football 365)

Vettel dominant in India. (c/o Belfast Telegraph)

Open wheel racing near the bossman's turf. Coming Soon. (c/o Newark Star-Ledger)

The three Roushketeers? (c/o USA Today)

Sprint Cup Chase is already Smokin' (c/o Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

New golf rules for Spencer to tinker. (c/o Golf Monthly)

Where was this, Sergio? (c/o The Australian)

Bill Self cracking the whip. (c/o Kansas City Star)

The NCAA is not going to adjust for you, Jim. (c/o Hartford Courant)

Mizzou bringing redemption to Joplin. (c/o Carthage Press)

We knew this will happen to these Tigers. It's an all too familiar script. (c/o Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Give the guy a break. He's 84. (c/o Chicago Sun-Times)

Andrew Luck bedazzles the Coliseum. (c/o San Francisco Chronicle)

Mats Sundin, Maple Leaf Legend. (c/o Toronto Star)

He's going to be back. (c/o New York Daily News)

Hey, some ballers in the same time zone as I am! (c/o CBS Sports)

Cardinals basking in the glow. (c/o Saint Louis Beacon)

Sure helped the Rams (c/o 101 Sports).

Tebowing sounds like deboning. The latter happened in the Bronco slaughter. (c/o Detroit Free Press)

John Beck is CLEARLY NOT the answer. (c/o Washington Post)

Trick or Treat, everyone!

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