Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 11/14 edition

Hello and Welcome to the latest edition of The Morning After (which has somewhat morphed into some kind of a weekly thing).

So, there was a fight this Saturday / Sunday. A long awaited fight. Featuring two pound-for-pound greats. One from Mexico, the other, the Philippines. Much has been said before, during and after the match. Lot of debate whether Dinamita won, or should it be a draw, but one thing for sure, come Cinco de Mayo 2012, the Fighting Congressman will be facing someone.

Here forth are the links after the jump to stuff you may not necessarily have missed during the weekend.
The Miami Marlins have arrived. (c/o Call To The Pen)

Cards go back to an old reliable of theirs to retain the essence of Larussa. (c/o STL Today)

How do people deal with Pujols anxiety. (c/o Viva El Birdos)

He's safe and sound now. (c/o Yahoo!'s Big League Stew)

Where should Prince Fielder go? (c/o Detroit News)

Is Dale Sveum the answer? (c/o Boston Globe)

Vermont and baseball. (c/o Chicago Tribune)

He won't solve bat issues, though. (c/o Buzz on Broad)

Here's one rich guy with a good hand. (c/o Compatible Poker)

Yup. Floyd hacked. (c/o Third Age)

Qatar finally gets beaten in securing rights to host an event. (c/o Herald de Paris)

The concept of putting this before the PPV fight was a good idea. (c/o Sportsrageous)

What exactly is Klinsmann's vision for US Soccer. (c/o Sporting News)

The State of the MLS in 2011. (c/o Major League Soccer Talk)

No wonder the NBA needed a lockout. When MLS gets more people to watch games... (c/o BizJournal)

The Best XI have been named. (c/o Washington Times)

3 Lions encouraged after their win against La Furia Roja. (c/o The Guardian)

No Vettel to cause trouble, so Lewis nails a win. (c/o BBC)

Smoke versus the Backflip in Miami. (c/o Examiner)

That means, the JJ dominance is about to close. (c/o Racin Today)

The Carrier Classic is a brilliant idea. (c/o Rivals) What does it mean now? (c/o Searching for Billy Edelin)

Boise gets kicked out of the BCS party. Again. (c/o Idaho Statesman)

Why do you still kick to Devin Hester? Why? (c/o Chicago Sun-Times)

He wants to beat Harvard more than secure a Rhodes. (c/o Bloomberg)

More discussion on Paterno from the collegiate student view. (c/o Student Life)

Soul searching in (not-so) Happy Valley. (c/o The Daily Beast)

How do you win in the BEast this year? (c/o Voodoo Five) And why they might still be able to retain their AQ. (c/o Washington Examiner)

Down on his Luck. (c/o Pacific Takes)

Hmmm... Releasing this to the public is PR positive strike by the NBA. (c/o BlazersEdge)

Now why would you steal Shawn Bradley's bike? (c/o Off The Bench)

Sure feels like the early Nineties, eh? Niners over Giants. (c/o San Francisco Chronicle) Cowboys over Bills. (c/o Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Is it awkward? (c/o Huffington Post)

I don't think 9-7 will be enough when 10-6 was not enough last year. (c/o Philadelphia Inquirer)

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