Monday, November 7, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 11/7 edition

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of The Victory Formation.

Currently penning this piece a little early because I will be focused on watching the Philippines' Men's Under-23 football team play their Timor Leste counterparts at 5pm local time (4am in the turf of most of the TVF writers). We had just lost our first match in the Group Stage in the Southeast Asian Games and I personally would like to start off the new week right.

And I'd like to congratulate the Giants for their entertaining win. Just like last time, someone wearing 85 caught a pass that beat a team maintaining perfection. This is a day after Kirk Ferentz somehow saved his job. Sounds like a cranky gambler coming soon.

Oh and by the way, hopefully you guys have already adjusted your clocks.

Here forth are the links after the jump:
Here's one from the Motherland, Mark Munoz. (c/o Bloody Elbow) What's next for him? (c/o Full Mount)

This time, it's legit for Kelly Slater. (c/o New York Post)

Dan Duquette gets the call because the usuals passed on this one. (c/o Lohud Yankees)

MLB sweeps Chinese-Taipei. (c/o Hardball Times)

Extensions galore for Kirk Gibson and company. (c/o Venom Strikes)

Sure, Jim Thome's a good catch, but Michael Cuddyer might be a better one. (c/o Larry Brown Sports)

Adjust the dimensions, sure, but will the Mets hit? (c/o Amazin' Avenue)

Amy K. Nelson for the SB Nation. (c/o Deadspin)

*Insert something here*> Tebow meme gone overdrive.  (c/o Business Insider)

We may have an idea on who will be the one managing the Cubs. (c/o Cubs Insider)

The chase for the Straight Edge Racer has just begun. (c/o Yankees 101)

The Veterans Committee has whittled the ballot down. (c/o Beyond the Box Score)

One week away... (c/o ABS-CBN News)

Floyd always around to steal thunder and make it his own. (c/o Bad Left Hook)

Get well soon, Smokin' Joe. (c/o Yahoo! Sports)

Bute dominant. (c/o Doghouse Boxing)

There's Smoke behind Carl Edwards. (c/o Sporting News)

25 years of Sir Alex Ferguson. (c/o Daily Mail)

Real Madrid on a roll. (c/o SoccerNation)

Yup. It's official. Mizzou is in the SEC East, where they are even further west than LSU. (c/o CBS Sports) And Chuck is disappointed. (c/o College Football Talk)

Jeff Van Gundy's commentary coming soon to a college near you. (c/o Sports Grid)

The Greatests Kabooms in 25 years. (c/o College Courtside)

No sale. (c/o Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

The lockout simplified for the fan. In other words, we're pretty much screwed. Then again, most of y'all could care less, unlike me. (c/o USA Today)

I blame the lockout for this. (c/o SLAM Online)

Here is the chic Grantland piece of the week from Klosterman. Discuss.

They are rumored to be coming to my region in 2012 and I am a huge fan of theirs.

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