Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Outsourcing - February 13, 2012


Good Morning! Welcome to the new week ahead.

I was watching a portion of the Grammys earlier. Of course they did some minor tweaks in the aftermath of Whitney Houston passing. Just some minor thoughts.

I would have wanted to see Etta James and Don Cornelius on the In Memoriam vignette. Both were not on it. Nate Dogg was simplified into a group instead of individual like what they did to Amy Winehouse or Whitney. Sure thing they put a tribute for Etta in already with Raitt and Keys. But that is different. I will definitely be in the minority with regards to Chris Brown. Ok, so he beats up women, fine. He still has talent for music. Speaking of which...

CBreezy was doing his thing alongside David Guetta and Lil' Wayne, then the Foo Fighters did theirs, followed by this!

Adele was the worthy winner. Going 6/6 on your 2nd album in the Grammys is sweet. Another worthy winner? Jennifer Hudson. Tasked to sing the song originally sung by Dolly Parton, she killed it onstage. The simplistic preparation of the segment also was great. Fitting, too. Contrast that to what Nicki Minaj did. That seemed more appropriate for the MTV VMAs.

Oh, and Paul McCartney was awesome. So were his friends.

The complete winners can be found here.

Here forth are the links to make your morning after the jump.
USA sweeps the Swiss and so does the Motherland. (c/o Tennis Magazine & Philippine Star)

Do you miss football? Well, American Rugby just finished in the United States. (c/o New Zealand Herald)

Who exactly is Nick Diaz? (c/o Head Kick Legend)

Lance returns to competitive action again. He also managed to secure a victory as well. (c/o The Trizone & Washington Post)

Nothing like proposing on a medal podium or in a hot air balloon festival. (c/o Columbia Missourian & ABS-CBN News)

We beat ya fair and square, sore losers. So this is the full match video (c/o Washington Times and Youtube).

He might be the next guy for the Filipino Flash. (c/o Boxing Scene)

End of the road looming for him. (c/o Fighthype)

What to expect in NASCAR in 2012? (c/o Charlotte News & Observer)

Lefty eviscerates Tiger. (c/o San Jose Mercury News)

About time South Africa gets a WGC slot. They have had great golfers around. (c/o USA Today)

There is a new athletic boss at UConn. The first move is obviously to figure this out. (c/o Hartford Courant & Mansfield Patch)

Divorce looks set. (c/o Say Campus Life)

from HS football hotshot to minor league ball player. (c/o Yahoo!'s Dr Saturday)

Sizzlin' Red Wings. (c/o Detroit Red Wings)

Maybe this would pay off for the Pirates. (c/o New York Post)

This might be the last move to do for Nolan. (c/o Call To The Pen)

So to part, here is one of Whitney's best moments. One of the most iconic performances of the Star Spangled Banner to date.

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