Monday, February 6, 2012

Blog Outsourcing - Feb 6 edition

It's the day after the Super Bowl.

That was some ball game last night. The Book of Eli comes through once again. Another fourth quarter comeback. The vaunted offense of New England scuttled to only 17 points. They did not make mistakes. They forced the Patriots to make theirs, which was just enough for them to win a Super Bowl in the fourth straight decade. Maybe this time Eli gets his due. Maybe this time Tom Coughlin gets to coach for as long as he wants without people asking him to be fired.

It's amazing that a Manning gets to lift the Lombardi at Indianapolis.

And M.I.A. did not give us the finger.

Here forth are the links to things you may have missed in the afterglow of the Super Bowl
The Legend of Angelo Dundee. (c/o San Francisco Chronicle)

The ugly aspect of the sport of boxing. (c/o GMA News)

So we get Cotto instead of Pacquiao. (c/o Thy Black Man)

Donaire puts in work in a victory. (c/o FightHype)

Dana messed with some hackers. (c/o Greyhat)

Redemption story in the desert. (c/o Tuscon Citizen)

Interesting action from across the pond. (c/o The Offside)

The travesty that took place in Egypt. (c/o The Telegraph)

The soap opera that is John Terry takes another turn. (c/o The Guardian)

Sparty had a good day. (c/o Detroit Free Press)

Mizzou just keeps rollin'. (c/o Columbia Missourian)

Meanwhile, Frank Haith's old digs put a shock on the ACC. (c/o Charlotte Observer)

Good times for New York on the ice, too. (c/o Philadelphia Inquirer)

Dulling the pain in New England. (c/o Spartanburg Herald Journal)

A Penny saved might be beneficial later on. (c/o Hardball Talk)

His battle is everyday. Every. Single. Day. (c/o Call To The Pen)

Here is the actual halftime performance. Discuss your thoughts.

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