Monday, January 30, 2012

Blog Outsourcing - January 30

Welcome to The Victory Formation.

Whilst most of you were asleep when the 2012 Australian Open Final took place, the most fascinating of a final happened. 5 hours and 53 minutes of serves, strokes, grunts, shouts between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. The top two players in the world in a showdown that enthralled all who watched.

I was actually on the road when the conclusion happened, but was kept updated on Twitter, because everyone else on my timeline was talking about it. Still, it was almost 6 hours of competitive tennis. That is incredible. Can't doubt their endurance and skill.

Here forth are the links after the jump:

Now we don't have to hear about Woz's current inability to win being the top female tennis player in the world. (c/o Daily Mail)

The Quest for 12 has been postponed. (c/o BBC Sport).

So, was that match the best final ever? (c/o Herald Sun)

Wait, there was a Pro Bowl? (c/o Los Angeles Times)

There's the NHL All-Star Game, too. (c/o The Chronicle Herald)

These players have mad skillz. (c/o Fighting for Stanley)

Media taking off from what Tim Thomas did. (c/o Boston Herald)

The All-Star Game in Columbus next year! (c/o The Lantern)

What's happenin' with Sidney? (c/o Montreal Gazette)

At least this match was longer than the last one. (c/o Yahoo!'s MMA Cage-writer)

So, there is promise with watching futbol in the United States. (c/o EPL Talk)

Lying just to get people to like you more is pure bad PR, folks. (c/o Deutche-Welle)

Landon > Clint in FA Cup. (c/o Toffeeweb)

In a matter of days, Liverpool dispatched Manchester City in one cup competition and Manchester United in another cup competition. Satisfaction, guaranteed. (c/o Yorkshire Post & London Telegraph)

Can the FA Cup become their version of the Super Bowl? (c/o San Francisco Chronicle)

Bad blood continues between two London clubs. (c/o The Daily Mail)

Tiger ran into a Rock in Abu Dhabi. (c/o Chicago Tribune)

Guy needs a break. Hope he is healthy next year. (c/o Charleston Post & Courier)

Lebron bikes to work and jumps over people. (c/o CBS Sports & Pippen Ain't Easy)

Here is something to sing at 5'o clock in the morning.

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