Monday, January 2, 2012

Blog Outsourcing - 1/2/12 edition

Welcome to the New Year. Welcome to The Victory Formation in 2012.

A new year brings optimism and positivity. Such is needed when you have been challenged. Whether through serious matters to frivolous ones, or from pertinent issues or trivial campaigns, the new year allows us to reset and start again from scratch. If you have been through a great moment, it's an opportunity to exceed it or at least maintain the level. Otherwise, it is a means to forget about the frustrations and leave them all behind. So go forth and make the year yours.

Here forth are the posts to make your day:

So, Aaron Rodgers is a system QB? Matt Flynn was even better (don't mind that it was a small sample size). (c/o Lombardi Ave.)

Apparently these Niners can score, too. They earned that first-round bye. (c/o Chico Enterprise-Record)

Saints made sure Tom Brady could not touch the passing record. (c/o New Orleans Pro Football) After seeing Matt Flynn torch the Lions...

Victor Cruz issuing the last dance. (c/o Newark Star-Ledger)

Talk about some Angry Birds. (c/o Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

The Pats are once again on top of the AFC because this game mirrored the Bills' season. (c/o Pats Pulpit)

The Ravens secured the other bye. Still, the Bengals backdoored their way into the postseason, saving Marvin Lewis yet again. (c/o Purple Chaos)

Cortland Finnegan and Houston definitely do not mix. This division title saved Gary Kubiak. (c/o CultureMap Houston)

The powers of Tebow did not work against Kansas City (c/o Kansas City Star).

The powers of Tebow was instead directed to the Black Hole. (San Jose Mercury News)

John Skelton has a better record as a starter to Tebow. Yes. John Skelton. (c/o Arizona Republic)

The Andrew Luck sweepstakes has begun in Indianapolis. (c/o Indianapolis Star)

Nice to know that they resigned him over Braylon. (c/o Gang Green Nation)

Don't think they should be firing him. (c/o ProFootballTalk)

Oh, NBC gets screwed out of Tebow. Again. (c/o Yahoo! Sports)

Remember the Alamo Bowl. (c/o Houston Chronicle)

Nick Holt will definitely remember the bowl. (c/o Rant Sports)

Sooners did not need a camera to help in dispatching the Hawkeyes. (c/o The Score)

Dabo is the Dodd winner. (c/o Miami Herald)

Are they aware the mediocrity of the Hoodie's coaching descendants? (c/o Boston Herald)

It is intriguing how you can put fiscal value onto a football season. (c/o Forbes)

Oh, this will make the upcoming draft the new "Manning versus Leaf" debate. (CBS Sports)

White Sox shufflin' of Carlos and Jason. (c/o Call to the Pen & Jays' Journal)

H-O-R-S-E shot for the win. This is the YouTube clip. (c/o Staten Island Live)

Nice time lapse. (c/o Kentucky Athletics)

Upset in Manchester. Twice. (c/o Daily Express & Herald Sun)

To part, here is the story of music in 2011, mixed just the way you like it.

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