Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twitter and the Student-Athlete

I always believed in the context of free speech and its expressive nature. So the recent move by newly-minted Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer to bar his student athletes from using social media is eyebrow-raising.

I understand the premise and the need for the move. After all, we have seen too many scenarios where these student-athletes get into trouble because of what he said and all. In fact, it's not just on social media. Remember when the brawl at the Crosstown Shootout took place, when after the game, Tu Holloway decided to use his "gangsta" bit in the post-game press conference? It illustrates that there is a dire need instead of banning the tool, one should instead educate them on the use and its repercussions, because after all, they are representing the institution that they play for, no matter if they put a disclaimer on the top.

I love tweeting, and so do most of the writers here at TVF. We enjoy how helpful this tool has been for everyone. Some more than others. (You probably know who that particular person is already) As always, one should always be prepared to handle the responsibility of wielding this instrument. As such, I leave you with this reminder.

Think Before You Click.

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