Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Wiz picked the Wrong Guy

The Washington Wizards are a sad sack of a franchise as of the moment. They are at 2-15, which is the worst record in the NBA. They finally made the inevitable move to fire Flip Saunders after an embarrassing loss against Philadelphia and after team captain Andray Blatche pretty much threw him under the bus with his comments.

Sure, they selected Randy Wittman to replace him, probably because he already had previous head coaching stops, but that is the a "meh" hire. Ted Leonsis wanted to make a splash and make sure Washington is relevant in the Association. This move won't allow you to do that.

What would? Having Sam Cassell coach the team would. The 42-yr old two-time NBA Champion is currently an assistant with the team. Besides, he would be a quote machine given his reputation during his playing days.

The Wizards need a total shakeup. The team is young. Maurice Evans is the oldest guy on the team. And he's 33. Your next oldest guy is Rashard Lewis, who is 32 and spent 13 years in the NBA, the most in the team. Only four guys (Evans, Lewis, Ronny Turiaf,  Roger Mason) are over the age of 26. Its lottery pick, Jan Vesely, has played in only 10 games, averaging under 12 minutes, not reflecting the reputation that precedes him. Your key players have somewhat regressed. It's really a mess.

Leonsis preaches on the nation's capital becoming a destination. I don't think Randy Wittman would make people want to go there. It might be if Sam I Am was, and if he could run the team the way the team had been constructed.

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