Monday, May 28, 2012

Blog Outsourcing - May 28, 2012 edition

Good Morning and Happy Memorial Day!

It is a special day for all my friends in the United States. A time to celebrate, remember and respect those who have worn the uniform with pride, dignity and honor. A day to express your admiration, love and devotion. Remember that when you enjoy the weekend.

Here forth are the links to keep you busy this holiday.

The glitz and glam of Monaco. (c/o London Telegraph)

The pomp and tradition of Indianapolis. (c/o Indianapolis Star)

The grit and grind of Charlotte. (c/o Charlotte Observer)

Hidden in the limelight of the three big races, rally legends win in Charlotte and Greece. (c/o Racin Nation and Paddock Talk)

Bad day for the Lotus brand. (c/o Motorsport and The Checkered Flag)

NASCAR releases its newest HOFers. (c/o Autoweek)

RIP Johnny Tapia. (c/o Bad Left Hook)

Fights go on. For Nonito, Victor, Canelo and Amir. (c/o Boxing Scene, Eastside Boxing, Crave Online, BoxingNews 24)

The Heavyweights are on full force. (c/o Vancouver Province)

Who wants to defend Arianny? (c/o Larry Brown Sports)

O Canada in the Giro D'Italia. (c/o National Post)

Who wants to be the King and Queen of Clay? Not Andy Roddick. (c/o The Roar, Bob Larson's Tennis News and Daily Mail)

He's back on top in style and he won't have to worry about golf in his turf. (c/o The Guardian and Golf by Tour Miss)

SEC dominates in the course, too. (c/o Tuscaloosa News)

He virtually escaped with a victory. (c/o CBS Sports' Eye On Golf)

Queens of lacrosse, again. (c/o Washington Post)

Who will be the kings of lacrosse? (c/o Baltimore Sun)

Triple Steal! (c/o Daily News-Journal)

The road to Omaha is set, sort of. (c/o College Baseball Daily)

Los Angeles or New Jersey, who ya got for Lord Stanley? (c/o Los Angeles Times, Sports Illustrated and Pro Hockey Talk)

Bourque in a Bruins jersey. (c/o WEEI)

Barcelona gives Pep a parting gift. (c/o Soccerway) Donovan with a hat trick. (c/o New York Times)

Should he get a shot in the big leagues? (c/o Pro Football Talk)

Using your legacy to ensure the future. That is some futuristic thinking. (c/o CBS Sports Eye on Baseball)

Woe for Halladay, Moyer, Darvish, Bell? (c/o Philadelphia Inquirer, Denver Post, FS Southwest, Miami Herald)

Rays got clutch gene. 25 wins since 2008 trailing in the 9th inning or later. (c/o Boston Globe)

National dominance so far. (c/o Washington Times)

Time to get Nasty, Pop said. (c/o The Sports Campus)

To part, yep, it has gone way beyond cheesy, but they recorded this in the Motherland.

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