Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 4/18 edition

Welcome to the latest edition of the Morning After.

Yesterday is Palm Sunday in the Roman Catholic calendar scheme of things, so this will be a special week. Holy Week means a time to reflect on its significance on the Christian context. You probably heard of people in my 'hood getting crucified as a way of expressing their faith and belief and devotion. No, I am not going to go to that level of expression, but I do have my own ways.

Might as well do my own little TWTWTNBA via the links, so to start if off, here is a preview vignette c/o Two Man Game via Youtube). You want more in depth, check my site later.

I originally pegged a Laker sweep of the Hornets, but CP3 willed New Orleans to victory with a 33-7-14 monster stat line. (c/o Sports Illustrated) Hidden in that was the idea that the Lake Show only forced 3 turnovers.

I had pegged the Spurs to advance in 6, so it is inevitable that the Grizz to seal their first-ever win in the playoffs (c/o Memphis Commercial Appeal). Oh, it has been a huge day for the Battiers (c/o Ball Don't Lie) and also for Z-Bo (c/o ProBasketball Talk).

I had pegged the Blazers to beat the Mavs in 6. Unfortunately, there was some sort of home cooking Dallas (c/o Mavs Moneyball) provided for Portland to taste. It left Nate McMillan with a bitter taste in the mouth (c/o Inside Hoops).

I had pegged the Thunder to beat the Nuggets in 7. Thunder pull out the win (c/o The Oklahoman). Boy, it had the social media abuzz with a certain goal-tending non-call (c/o Real Aspen). And you will not be getting incendiary comments / retorts from Kevin Durant anytime. He's too nice.

I had pegged the C's in 6 over the Knicks. Jesus Shuttlesworth (c/o Boston Herald) just showed us why Bill Simmons values him more over Reggie Miller. But Knicks got no chance if Billups (c/o MassLive) will be sidelined for a while. Oh, who knew that Jermaine O'Neal (c/o Sporting News) was the go-to- O'Neal for this game?

I had pegged the Bulls to sweep the Pacers, but Danny Granger was *that* close to winning this game. It's just the guy (c/o Indianapolis Star) he compared to a crazy stalker ex-girlfriend (c/o Cosby Sweaters) just raised the ante. Yup, A Rose is a rose is a MVP.

I also had pegged the Heat to sweep the Sixers, but just like the Bulls, the Heat (c/o Miami Herald) can figure things out just like that. Again, Wade is the closer. Lebron needs to feed him the ball and let him do his schtick.

I had pegged the Magic to beat the Hawks in 6, but the Hawks somehow successfully allowed Dwight Howard to dominate and still won the game (c/o SB Nation Atlanta). That's surely going to make someone's day a little more frustrating, eh? (c/o Magic Playoff Beard)

For non-NBA Playoff links:

MLS should bring back the New York Cosmos (c/o New York Times).

The 1st El Clasico of 4 in a span of 18 days began with a simple draw that in all likelihood, sealed FC Barcelona's La Liga title. (c/o The Guardian). Up next, the Copa Del Rey match at the Mestalla on Wednesday (Thursday in Manila).

The FA Cup Final is set in stone at Wembley. Manchester City (c/o The Daily Mail) and Stoke (c/o The Sun) will face off. Stoke already playing with house money because they're guaranteed to play in Europe (Via the Europa League, thanks to City being ensured with a Champions League spot due to their current placement as one of the top 4 teams in the Barclays Premier League.) As a Bolton Wanderers fan, it was an excruciating experience.

In other English football news, Arsenal only drew with Liverpool, increasing the chances of Manchester United sealing their title hopes. (c/o A Different League)

Goooooooooooooooaaaaaaaallllll!!!!! Dutch treat! (c/o SB Nation)

I guess the American invasion into football ownership is not just an English matter. (c/o BBC Sport)

Gareth Bale is the best player in the EPL. (c/o London Telegraph)

Brad Penny is one very very lucky guy (c/o Moondog Sports)

The Red Sox won and yet they still have the fewest wins in the majors. (c/o Boston Globe) At least Josh Beckett is doing quite ok. (c/o WEEI)

Jason Heyward is batting second. Finally. (c/o Talking Chops)

It still remains Opposite Day in the AL Central, as Cleveland (c/o Massillon Independent) and Kansas City (c/o Kansas City Star) are still neck-and-neck.

Nice to know leaving Rihanna is paying dividends for Matt Kemp (c/o Los Angeles Times).

Good luck with rules enforcement, NCAA Football. (USA Today)

Steve Spurrier gets paid. (c/o The Gamecock)

The Champs get a parade. W00t! (c/o The Day)

These guys might be the first batch to be affected by the new CBA. (c/o Slam Online)

Andre Berto (c/o The Cruelest Sport) and Juan Manuel Lopez (c/o Doghouse Boxing) have been dropped from the ranks of the unbeatens.

Meanwhile, The Wrath of Khan wants Pacquiao if he is able to beat Timothy Bradley. (c/o Scottish Daily Record)

7 straight Monte Carlo Masters titles. Wow. (c/o Tennis Earth)

Quite simply, Talladega. It was wild. (c/o From The Marbles)

As a fan of Formula 1, I relish the idea of its drivers making headway into NASCAR. I want to see the Iceman do it. (c/o Speed)

Lewis Hamilton ends the Vettel charge. (c/o The National)

Canucks just keep on rollin' (c/o Vancouver Sun) Oh, and if you think the Timbers Army is raucous, well, Canadians raise the ante up a notch. (c/o Youtube via Bill Simmons)

Wings without Zetterberg (c/o Detroit News)? Flyers without Pronger? (c/o Philadelphia Inquirer)

Parting shot, because it's Angry Birds:

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