Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 4/25 edition

Welcome to today's edition of The Victory Formation.

Happy Easter, everyone. The significance of the holiday for Christians all across the world signifies one's faith.
"If you have faith, you have hope. And if you have hope, you have life."
I love that quote. And more impressively, that quote came from Sixers head coach Doug Collins.

Easter means the end of Lent. It means the end of my sort of penance. Mine has been to not to order burgers and fries for the entire span. Yup, 39 days of no burgers. (I did have a one day cheat by having this). Now I can finally have my taste of Baconators, Big Macs, Double Downs, Champs, etc.

Lots of great action over the past two days in the Association. It would be a total shame if both the owners and the players decided to chuck it all away with a stupid lockout, I tell you.

So what went on in the NBA Playoffs? Here is my take on the scene.
The Celtics easily dispatched the Knicks via a sweep (c/o Newark Star-Ledger). Quite simply, no Billups? Gimpy Amar'e? No chance. That buys time for the C's with Shaq (Boston Herald), whom they'll need in the next round. As for the Knicks, all about whether Donnie (c/o Sporting News) stays and to a lesser extent, D'Antoni.

The Sixers denied Miami the privilege of sweeping them (c/o Miami Herald). Heat can be great when they have their 2 1/2 Men on full blast, but sometimes, just 5 five field goals from your seven other players might not cut it on some days.

Just like the Sixers, the Indiana Pacers also denied Chicago a chance at a sweep (c/o Indianapolis Star). Derrick Rose (c/o Chicago Now) will be just fine, so never fear. In other notes, Jeff Foster has been upgraded (c/o Chicago Daily Herald).

The shocker has been how Atlanta has continued their in-season form against the Magic. They're one game away from advancing (c/o Atlanta Journal-Constitution). Yup, they won their latest without Zaza Pachulia (c/o SB Nation) and withstood the charge from Gilbert Arenas (c/o Magic Playoff Beard). With Rick Adelman just wandering around, the pressure is on for Stan Van Gundy.

The maddening JR Smith. He first hints he may not sign with the Nuggets (c/o Scoop Du Jour). Then, he almost single-handedly got them back in Game 3 (c/o The Oklahoman). Still, the Thunder are up 3-0 and are looking towards advancing.
Brandon Roy may be far from his all-star days due to his knees, but he can still get it done for the Trail Blazers (c/o Portland Tribune). Mavs paranoia reigns again.

Lakers got Jack'd up (c/o New Orleans Times Picayune). Chris Paul has the same number of triple-doubles as a Hornet with Baron Davis. Kobe sprained his ankle, spawning lots of buzz against low-cut sneakers (c/o OC Register).

Speaking of Gasols, the one who's playing better is the one in Memphis, as they have a 2-1 lead over the top-ranked San Antonio Spurs (c/o Today). Nope, there will be some Dice action later (c/o Project Spurs).

Here forth are the other links:

Yes, my beloved Bolton Wanderers beat the Kroenke Gunners (c/o The Guardian).

The guy worth 50 million pounds finally paid off. *sarcasm* (c/o Caught Offside)

Real Madrid get a replica after they dropped it. (c/o Inside World Soccer) Meanwhile, they (c/o Scottish Daily Record) and Barcelona (c/o Tribal Football) did fine in their warm-up for their huge Champions' League donnybrook this week.

Shakira and her boyfriend are getting it on whilst the game is going on. (c/o Dirty Tackle)

Can you imagine if there was promotion-relegation in the four major American professional sports? (c/o MLS Talk)

David Beckham has gotten "the plush invite." (c/o NDTV) Here are the others. (c/o The Sun)

Eric Cantona has a plan for the New York Cosmos. I think it is inevitable that if LA has two teams in MLS, NY should have two of their own as well. (c/o ESPN)

Moneyball making its way to Liverpool (c/o NESN)

Finally, a Klitchko agrees to fight David Haye. (c/o Boxing Scene)

At least we know someone who's doing fine with the lockout ongoing. (c/o Chicago Tribune)

Could be the end for Randy Couture (c/o MMA Weekly).

Giddy for GSP vs Shields (c/o Fighters)?

Poker being compared to the Prohibition era. (c/o Los Angeles Times)

Hindsight is 20/20, Rich Rod (c/o Orlando Sentinel).

Hey, there was a spring game in Columbus. (c/o Eleven Warriors)

Gee thanks, Janoris Jenkins. (c/o Lost Lettermen)

How Jim Larranaga became the head man in Miami. (c/o South Florida Sun Sentinel)

Interesting possible list of Larranaga replacements for George Mason (c/o Washington Examiner)

The Blackhawks just. won't. die. Game 7 beckons. (c/o Vancouver Sun)

Flyers and Sabres also have a duel to come. (c/o Philadelphia Inquirer)

The Predators finally advance (c/o On The Forecheck). Yup. More hockey in Tennessee.

Obviously, he has never been to the Winnipeg scene. (c/o AZCentral)

The Habs are now on the microscope. (c/o Globe and Mail)

Sharks try again. (c/o The Union of Grass Valley) So do the Pens (c/o Fox News).

Feels good for the Caps to exorcise their first round woes (c/o Washington Times).

What's new in the Brandon Marshall scenario? (c/o The Phinsider)

Jerryworld and bowling. Who knew? (c/o FS Southwest)

Could the Dodgers take a cue from the Packers? (c/o Forbes)

The #herewestay meme might have just worked. For now. (c/o Sports Illustrated)

Letting you know where is Paul Harris right now (c/o Niagara Gazette).

Parting gift: Here's a little 30 seconds to Mars

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