Monday, September 12, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 9/12 edition

Welcome to the latest edition of The Victory Formation.

Yesterday left an indelible mark on everyone. I hope you took the time to remember and reflect and appreciate what went on this day. I watched the different tributes and it was chillin' and stunning. I hope we all do not have to experience this ever again.

P.S. Wonder if someone can send this to SportsCenter.

Here forth are the links to welcome your morning after the jump.
The biggest event in rugby is taking place way down south. It'd be cool if there was this duel at the start of each football match. (c/o Rugby World Cup)

The French tank job is appalling. (c/o Sporting News and Sheridan Hoops)

Germany failed to advance. So do the Turks. (c/o Yahoo! Eurosport)

Finally, Argentina wins an Olympic qualifier. (c/o We're Bucked)

Calipari pulls off the best finish for Team DR. (c/o Coach Cal)

Nick Diaz gets demoted. (c/o Boston Herald)

Klitchko dominance continues. (c/o Boxing Scene)

This. Match. Needs. To. Happen. (c/o Queensberry Rules

Manny Pacquiao as the new Governator. (c/o ABS-CBN News)

Novak pulled it off. (c/o Wall Street Journal) Can he finish it against Rafa? (c/o Sports Illustrated)

Congrats to Sam, but Serena takes the headlines. (c/o Real Clear Sports)

Manchester still playing "Can You Top This" between its blue (Mirror Football) and red (c/o The Guardian) sections all at the expense of everyone else in the Premiership

This is definitely the biggest match in the Group Stages of the Champions' League. (c/o Goal)

Vettel is unstoppable. (c/o Speedlux) Giddy for the Grand Prix under the lights.

The Chase is set. (c/o Yahoo!'s From the Marbles)

The Americans bow to their colonial masters. (c/o Daily Mail)

You're never too old to play football. (c/o Lost Lettermen)

Drama in the Big 12 (c/o MVP Texas)

Gambler's headache involving college football. (c/o Orange County Register)

Baylor Hypocrisy. (c/o Ology) Must be the stress of the job, why he hightailed outta there. (c/o Daily Press)

ACC already hedging its bets. (c/o Gant Daily)

Is NBC to blame for the pressure on Brian Kelly? (c/o Washington Post)

Are the players wilting in the pressure for Mark Richt? (c/o Red and Black)

In the eyes of the NCAA, this game in Ann Arbor did not happen. Irish fans would rather have their game expunged instead. (c/o MLive)

The latest with Jerry Kill. (c/o St. Cloud Times)

Latest on the ill-fated plane in Russia. (c/o The Moscow Times)

At least he can say he has a ring, unlike some other people. (c/o BlogNBAsketball)

There might be hope in this. (c/o Sheridan Hoops)

Joe Torre made this announcement. (c/o New York Daily News)

Tampa might be able to pull this schtick off. (c/o Boston Herald)

Titans sputter. (c/o The Tennessean)

Browns slipped. (c/o NFL Gridiron Gab)

That stadium must have a home atmosphere for Cam. (c/o CBS Sports)

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