Monday, September 26, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 9/26 edition

Hi and hello! It's the final Monday of September in 2011.
Summer just ended this past weekend, and it is already the start of autumn, where football is afoot and in-depth.

Olympic qualifying for the automatic spots just finished yesterday. China is the last amongst the FIBA regions to lock up an automatic spot with their win over Jordan by a point. They join Great Britain, Tunisia, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France and the United States. The three remaining spots will be fought over in a wildcard tournament. 12 countries (Angola, Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Jordan, South Korea, New Zealand, Russia, Macedona, Lithuania and Greece) get a shot at those slots.

Why am I discussing basketball? Well, the Motherland had a chance to seal its first berth in ages if they beat the Koreans, which they were not able to fulfill (again). It's their best finish though after 27 years, so it's a positive sign.

The other thing? My alma mater is one game away from clinching its fourth straight men's basketball championship.

Here forth are the links after the jump.

Nothing like racing under the lights. (c/o London Telegraph)

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Bayou Bengals geaux on top of the AP Top 25. (c/o National Football Post)

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Nittany Lions (c/o York Daily Record) and Sooners (c/o The Oklahoman) lose key cogs.

MMA Expert Steven Seagal breaks down UFC 135's main event. (c/o Around The Octagon)

Our thoughts are with Jerry Kill. (c/o Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

(Van) Chew on this, Toledo. (c/o Big East Coast Bias)

What does the new Big 12 Commish need to do? (c/o The News Tribune)

End of an era? (c/o Cagewriter)

He's done for the year. Is it enough for Cy Young recognition? (c/o True Blue LA)

Probably one of the most bizarre stories in baseball ever. (c/o SportsGrid)

Encapsulating why it's not happening in the Twin Cities. (c/o Big League Stew)

200k's worth of games. (c/o Sporting News)

Grantland puts out great stuff. Here's the latest. It's the sweet science.

Not much, because I am writing early to attend to some matters of my own later. But to part, here it is, which is appropriate as they end their run.

And here is the song i am currently humming as of late.

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