Monday, December 5, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 12/5 edition

Yup, David Beckham and the Los Angeles Galaxy arrived in Manila as part of their Asia-Pacific Tour. You could also consider it as the farewell tour for the English midfielder, considering he already has offers from Paris Saint-Germain and others to return to Europe.

You can check out here for some details. Also here.

Football in the Philippines has come a long way after a year. From being nowhere in sight to now being in the spotlight. Hope this continues.

Here forth are the links to make your morning after the jump.
Free your Christmas Day sked. The rest will follow on Tuesday. (c/o SLAM Online & ProBasketball Talk)

Meanwhile, you can commence your chase. (c/o HoopsWorld)

Another Cavs legend heads towards the comfy confines of the state of Florida. (c/o Orlando Sentinel)

The Diva Double-Play Combination set down in South Beach. Or maybe not (c/o Miami Herald and Baseball Nation)

Will Bobby V bring back Papi? (c/o BoSox Injection)

Could they compromise? (c/o Detroit Free Press)

Maybe trading a catcher to the Blue Jays would be in the Angels' favor this time. (c/o Rant Sports)

What to expect in the winter meetings? (c/o MLB)

Manny returns, and is still is being Manny. (c/o Call To The Pen)

Hey Minny, you got Tebow'd. (c/o Yahoo!'s Shutdown)

They're back in the playoffs. (c/o San Francisco Examiner)

Frank Gore. Niner Legend. (c/o San Jose Mercury News)

Screaming Trap Game. And it was. (c/o Landry's Hat)

How much would this save the Bears this offseason? (c/o Chicago Sun-Times)

Would a deep Freeze fix the Rebs? (c/o Jackson Clarion Ledger)

Apparently, playing anytime, anywhere, any place cost Pat Hill his job eventually. (c/o The Collegian)

This has been Sharapova's Thigh's mantra over the past few weeks. (c/o The Coloradoan)

Is this the right one? (c/o Wall Street Journal)

Oklahoma State tried its best, but that loss at Ames really hurt, especially under the circumstances surrounding the university on that day. (c/o The Oklahoma Daily & USA Today)

Welcome to the Urban Meyer Bowl. (c/o CBS Sports)

Time to rekindle the memories of a bygone era. (c/o Slap The Sign)

They have a losing record, yet go to a bowl. (c/o Bruins Nation)

Not fair that the Hilltoppers got screwed out of a bowl and no non-AQs in the BCS. (c/o Louisville Courier-Journal & Examiner)

Someone got in a Hakim Warrick-esque moment. (c/o The Republic)

Yup, the media botched this one. Badly. (c/o Go Local Prov)

Cycledan > Trey (c/o The Juice)

Justice was served. (c/o Boxing Scene)

Was watching the replay of the AMAs last night...

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