Monday, December 26, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - December 26 edition

Greeting to everyone.

Just happy to know the NBA is back.

Here forth are the links to keep you busy after the jump.
Some batch of seniors from Boise. (c/o Idaho Press & Idaho Statesman)

Parting gift for Fedora! (c/o Reno Gazette-Journal)

This bowl just got a whole lot more unwatchable when it was already unwatchable. (c/o Quad City Times)

Preseason 2012 Heisman favorite. (c/o Los Angeles Times)

Hope springs anew. With a matching extension, eh. (c/o Indianapolis Star)

RIP Joseph Villavisencio. (c/o The Inquisitr)

Close but no cigar. (c/o New York Times' The Quad)

Someone got stabbed over a shoe. C'mon son. (c/o Z6Mag)

Apparently, two events is just enough to win a money title. (c/o Washington Post)

What looms ahead for Floyd. (c/o Opposing Views)

PacMarquez III was the event of the year. Should it be, really? (c/o ABS-CBN News)

Fixing baseball's HoF issues. (c/o Hardball Talk)

To part, here is what Christmas should be.

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