Monday, December 12, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - December 12 edition

Good Morning and welcome to the latest edition of The Morning After.

The weekend was abuzz with much ado about how Tim Tebow managed to pull magic out of the hat. Again. But hey, isn't that what Eli Manning is pulling out of his hat, too? He just tied another NFL record being held by his brother and his brother's iconic predecessor. Doesn't the Broncos have a mean defensive line like Elvis Dumervil? But the Giants have that guy gracing our cover photo for today? Willis McGahee has been adequate without Knowshown, but Brandon Jacobs just passed a Tiki Barber record and played one half without Ahmad.

They have some sort of luck, but not the Andrew kind, because that is what Indianapolis needs.

Here forth are the links after the jump:
Postscript from Assembly Hall. Pat Forde with an in-depth view of its magnitude (c/o Inside the Hall & Yahoo!)

Fallout from the Crosstown Brawl. (c/o Kansas City Star)

Ben gave Reeves the full nelson. (c/o Busting Brackets)

Life after football has not been easy for JoePa. (c/o College Football Talk)

Curious choice of a coach for the Pac-12 South Champs. (c/o Building A Dam)

After a harrowing season, possible opportunity for catharsis. (c/o Terrapin Station)

Dyer straits. (c/o SB Nation Atlanta) Could be the right fit. (c/o The Battalion)

RG III does the stiff arm. (c/o Washington Post)

Khan gets deposed. (c/o Doghouse Boxing)

Fast start, couldn't finish. (c/o Daily Mail)

If you are making this kind of investment, it better pay off. (c/o Soccer By Ives)

Tar Heels take the NCAA title. (c/o New York Times)

It's over for the Nittany Lions. (c/o Lexington Courier-Journal)

Rivals in the field, partners for life? (c/o BusinessWeek)

Quite simple a parting moment.

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