Monday, August 20, 2012

Blog Outsourcing - August 20, 2012 edition

Today is Eid'l Fitr, where we pay homage to our Islamic friends as they end their Ramadan fast. It is an occasion and celebration.

But also, something happened today. Tony Scott, the famed director, passed away. In tribute, this is an appropriate intro.

Here forth are the links after the jump.
The lockout looms. (c/o Chicago Tribune)

Before that happens, some being locked up with extensions in Montreal and Philadelphia. (c/o Montreal Gazette and Philadelphia Daily News)

Still getting Giggy with it. (c/o Pro Hockey Talk)

The plan to finally get their NCAA berth gets a boost. (c/o Rant Sports)

New AD at BC. (c/o Soaring To Glory)

We all know this is inevitable at Badger Nation. (c/o Detroit Free Press)

Someone running counter to the norm in Happy Valley. (c/o Larry Brown Sports)

Someone does not like the new Fighting Irish unis. (c/o SB Nation Chicago)

Can the Honey Badger overcome this? Someone says yes. (c/o Forbes)

Yep, that was Julius Peppers' transcript. (c/o Charlotte Observer)

Someone does not like what JPP did. (c/o The Trentonian)

Greg Jennings looks fine. (c/o National Football Post)

The knee is much better. (c/o San Jose Mercury News)

The NFL says it's fine. No problems whatsoever. (c/o Pro Football Talk)

Rays have sweeping generalizations. (c/o Los Angeles Times)

Buccing the trend? (c/o Call To The Pen)

The struggles continue. (c/o Boston Herald)

Adios, Brad Mills. (c/o Houston Chronicle)

Serge is locked in. (c/o Tulsa World)

Hey look, the Premiership is back and so is La Liga! (c/o The Guardian and Inside Futbol)

To part, here is a beat-boxing beauty queen.

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