Monday, August 27, 2012

Blog Outsourcing - August 27, 2012 edition


Hello and I wish you all a Happy National Heroes Day in the Motherland.

In a sport that is regarded highly by its citizens, any achievement by someone or by a team garner attention in these parts. Sure, the opponent is currently composed of imports plying their trade in the continent, but we Filipinos take pride in beating the Americans in the process of winning a tournament, something we have not accomplished in 14 years. Look at the curated reaction from the Motherland.

It was a satisfying victory for a nation starving for success in a sport it dearly loves. And as such, they come home on a holiday that honors heroism, something they have in spades.

  1. How will Andy Murray fare in his first major since his gold medal-winning performance?
  2. No Nadal, but what is ahead for the men?
  3. What about the ladies, you may ask?
  4. The latest on the tennis ref.
  5. What is next for Manny Pacquiao? If there is a next for the PacMan...
  6. There will be a fight on November 10, regardless.
  7. Boxing at Brooklyn!
  8. Lessons from the fallout of UFC 151
  9. Poker is a game of skill
  10. Basketball has a new realm to play with.
  11. Denny takes Bristol.
  12. The chase is on for the FedEx Cup. The Barclays just finished with its winner.
  13. Is golf's current format the appropriate one?
  14. She's just half my age. Gee thanks.
  15. Cast is complete for the Olazabal's homies, for the automatics.
  16. Boise State is Big East and West
  17. Southland's additional player
  18. Get well soon, Rick.
  19. The Irish junket gets smaller.
  20. One of the most challenging positions in college football. Succeeding Kellen Moore.
  21. One less option in case of lockout.
  22. Cross-country move from West to East?
  23. Hoops Diplomacy at work.
  24. Tex-Mex for Najera
  25. Blame it on the sneaker-freak?
  26. Is this what Jim Irsay was saying?
  27. This might be a better rookie QB cast than expected.
  28. T.O gone poof in Seattle.
  29. Adding Tarvaris Jackson means VY might be done in Buffalo.
  30. Welcome to the Dez Rules in Cowboy Nation
  31. It may be the preseason, but Jets QBs have no touchdown passes. Again. ZERO TD passes.
  32. This sucks for Steeler Nation.
  33. He'll be back next year.
  34. Roger pitches again.
  35. Yup. This is official now. Dodgers absorbing Theo's contract signings.
  36. The wildcard chase has the O's making an investment for the stretch run.
  37. The Grandy-Man Can!
  38. Early surprise in La Liga, as the champs go down.
  39. That defeat hastened this move.
  40. That move accelerates this rumor.
  41. The new boys were the bright spots for Fergie's team
  42. That match featured this gruesome injury
  43. FC Barcelona just keeps rolling along.
  44. Liverpool drew with City.
  45. This should be an event with Major League Eating
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