Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Olympics in Brick

We all know about the Taiwanese's NMA TV's now-legendary animations of news bits. Here is their rendition of Ye Shiwen's sensational swim.

Thanks to the Guardian (h/t to Deadspin for pointing this), the newfangled way of illustrating action is now through bricks.

Back-story after the jump:

The Olympics, as we all know, is the biggest sports spectacle for most sports. If you are going to lose, as much as possible, you'd want your opponent to earn the victory, make them work for it. Show that they deserve that gold medal. But it would really hurt if the defeat was aided by a certain technicality, a timing issue, or an error.

Which is what had happened in the women's épée match between Korean A Lam Shin and German Britta Heidemann. A timing error resulted into a clock reset from zero to one second, which is what Britta needed to secure a point to advance to the final, which resulted in the sit-in.

Now you sort-of have an idea as to why until now, the 1972 US men's basketball team has not accepted their silver medals.

Speaking of basketball, here is one of the brick-construction of USA vs France.

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