Monday, February 1, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 2/1/10

The Morning After

Welcome to the first TMA of February. In days, it will be Single Awareness Day all over again for all unattached people everywhere.

I need a date. I need love. I need eternal happiness and bliss. At least all of you have a lovelife. I don't. What should I do?

Maybe I should do the ff:

1. Shape up.
2. Save.
3. Be true to myself.
4. Act like I was already worked on by the Queer Eye folks.

Anything else? Maybe Trey's advise as seen in previous posts would be a great suggestion for all desperate single guys and ladies out there.


Oh, I was at my sister's debut the other day. She looked like an absolute pink princess. Looking back, I felt that I should be able to be more of a responsible bro and be more of service. Also realized that man, I look so dated at my pictures. I also thought about my dad, who wanted this to happen for her. Man, time has passed. Anyway, stop being mushy.

Time for Link love:

Grade III Sprain = Torn Ligaments. Will you play, Dwight Freeney?

Will Bobby Hebert outdress Lady Gaga?

Rex always finds a way to get attention. He always does, patphish? Where was he? He was here.

Your mandatory Pro Bowl Update.
Maybe positive things in the future of H-Town.

Feel free to castigate the choices of the 00's All-Decade Team.

Ok, who wants Julius Peppers should raise their hands.

Bad juju for Nawlins? Maybe good juju for Chauncey.

Today is Lakers stole Pau Gasol day. To celebrate, they kept the C's struggling. Coming soon. JP toys with the Trade Machine.

John Lithgow vs Ron Jeremy in the All-Star Game.

Kevin Durant is awesome.

The Maple Leafs made their move. Let's see if it pays off.

NHL can't get a break with scheduling. Stanley Cup rematch gets buried on Pro Bowl Sunday, Grammys, and Boston-LA. Penguins have not lost on shootouts.

Miz > Trey. Unfortunately, no jorts on the line.

Not good news for GITC. And Carolina's struggles continue.

And the Fed Express continues. He's ahead of Tiger now.

Coming soon on May Day. But he still takes potshots at my boy. He is just envious that the writers love my boy. Ok. You win your match. We win ours then we talk. Deal?

Futbol update: Man U chasing Chelsea. Plus, I wonder what African officials would do if they were shot at by militants like the Togolese endured.

Video links. Grammy winners all.

Kings of Leon:

Taylor Swift: