Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 2/22

As requested 

Today is Monday. It is technically a holiday here, but only for students. The working class hero (like me) will be plugging away at the office. Well, today back in 1986, there was a bloodless revolution that toppled a dictator four days later. I was only four years old then, so not much memories.

Speaking of Mondays, this particular day of the week is always a struggle for me. Since I work under the Eastern timezone, which is 13 hours (or 12 in certain circumstances), it equates to being at work late at night until the early morning. So if I had a great weekend, I need to compensate and readjust my clock back to where it was. Serious sluggishness ensues. But no worries. I love my job and what i do, so there.

Here are the links, after the jump.

Redemption for Salt Lake City? Mission still unfinished, though. Oh. 30 years ago, today....

NBC = FAIL. Agreed? Good thing I managed to watched it sort of (TV was on while I dozed off).

Finally. A gold he long needed for legitimacy.

In this new era of the interwebs and mobile media, bad press is really not good. Especially with this coming after the Michael Phelps mess.

Ohno makes history!!!!

Sore loser?

Here is the updated medal count.

48 for 48.

There is a reason why the Twins have a new ballpark. I am so sure Sparty wants to pry him out of J-Rod's hands.

I wonder if GITC is his main apologist.

Keep raising the Durant-e, Kevin.

Trey must be in a good mood. Sparty as well.

Again, I know John will give an arm and a leg to ensure a healthy Paul Pierce.

This video is special was inspired from the comments from yesterday.

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