Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Isang Araw... One Nation Under Football

I started writing this post on 3am, the day before the Philippine Men's Football Team will be taking the pitch in the frozen tundra of Ulan Bator. The nation is awash with giddiness of the game that is coming. We have a 2-goal advantage, but certain key elements will be missing, namely the goalkeeper, for starters. The weather will be crazy cold. But it does not matter. Everything does not matter, what goes on off the field or how we got there.

But what matters is that they represent our country well as they play their sport on the pitch. That they fight and play hard and all out for 90 minutes (and any additional time). That they bring pride and glory sa ating bayan.

Isang bayang nasa ilalim ng Iisang Araw. Tatlong Bituin. Dilaw. Pula. Puti. Bughaw.

Good luck to Team Pilipinas. Para sa bayan.

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