Friday, March 25, 2011

When #Winning Is Azkal Matters

Forget the draws against Burma and Palestine
Forget the missed opportunities during those games.
Forget Ian Araneta's goal-scoring struggles.
Forget the injuries that have struck us.
Forget the earthquakes that seem to follow us
Forget the saves Neil Etheridge and Ed Sacapano have managed to secure
Forget the crosses that James Younghusband and Chieffy Caligdong procure.
Forget the presence of Angel Aldeguer Guirado and Jerry Lucena
Forget the absence of Phil Younghusband and Chris Greatwich
Forget the veteran gamesmanship of Yanti Bersales and Roel Gener
Forget the youthful exuberance of David Basa and Yannick Tuason

What matters now is what lies ahead.
A crossroad, a fork instead.
On a field of green on a land far away
The Beautiful Game will be on full display
We will be blind on the action
Instead, anticipating the Twitter reaction
As we wait for the tweets to come in
From Cedelf, Craig, Roy and even Dyan
And we, the people, will forward them constantly
As the 90 minutes (and then some) pass by
When the games begin as the clock passes five
Nothing else matters
It is only winning
Pride for flag and country
This is what it is all about
Nasa ilalim ng iisang araw

Tatlong Bituin, Dilaw, Pula, Puti, Bughaw
Sugod, Laban. Huwag uurong.
Ang sigaw na dating bulong

Para sa bayan. Para sa sarili.

Good luck and God speed.

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