Thursday, March 17, 2011

The NCAA at a glance (Thursday Afternoon Edition)


The NCAA Tournament really starts tonight (12am here in Manila), because who really took the play-ins that seriously. Then again, this is March Madness, so... Here we go for today's games

Tampa (Announcing Team: Ian Eagle / Jim Spanarkel / David Aldridge)

1215pm: West Virginia vs Clemson - (5-12): The Tigers just came out of their play-in game against UAB, a team who did not really showed anything that dissuaded the talking heads from blasting the Committee for their inclusion. Besides, the 'eers are more physical and mean. My pick: West Virginia

Kentucky vs Princeton (4-13). Sydney Johnson, the captain of the 1996 Princeton team who upset then-defending champs UCLA in the RCA Dome, is coaching this latest incarnation of the Tigers. Calipari and his new recruits, led by Terrence Jones, are too athletic. Then again, UCLA were athletic at the time, too in 1996. My pick: Kentucky (only because it's too surreal if they do it again).

Washington DC (Announcing Team: Tim Brando / Mike Gminski / Lewis Johnson)

1240pm: Butler vs Old Dominon (8-9) The Bulldogs, who were a Gordon Hayward heave away from the national title, get a feisty Monarchs squad who some have pegged as a chic pick to break some brackets. I still believe in the Butler magic to get them somewhere. My pick: Butler

Pittsburgh vs UNC-Asheville (1-16) Pitt has virtually seen every kind of Tournament choke job. But nope, the 16-over-1 is too illogical to happen. My pick: Pitt

Denver (Announcing Team: Verne Lundquist / Bill Raftery / Lesley Visser)

140pm: Louisville vs Morehead State (4-13). Insert you own Pitino joke here. But seriously, Peyton Siva might be the next Kemba Walker for 2011-12. On the other hand, Kenneth Faried will be a true NBA contributor to someone. Still, there is too much talent for the Cardinals not to advance. My pick: Louisville.

Vanderbilt vs Richmond (5-12) Some have pegged Richmond as a chic team to upset brackets, but there is too much buzz for my own liking. My pick: Vanderbilt

Tucson (Announcing Team: Kevin Harlan / Reggie Miller / Dan Bonner / Sam Ryan)

210pm: Temple vs Penn State (7-10). The Nittany Lions won their game against Wisconsin 36-33. Yes. they scored less points than minutes in a game. Can't pick a team who does things like that. My pick: Temple

San Diego St. vs Northern Colorado (2-15). The Aztecs have never ever won a game in the NCAA Tournament. This will change. My pick: San Diego State

Best game for this session: Butler vs ODU.

Avoid this at all cost: Temple vs Penn State.

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