Monday, May 23, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 5/23 edition

Welcome to today's edition of The Victory Formation.

I am sure everyone was looking forward to the rapture moment the other day. The world was looking forward to whether the world was going to end or how epically bad it was going to become. It even spawned lots and lots of memes, from confessions to playlists to even views on fave videos on Youtube. Unfortunately, the day came and went, and pretty much no cataclysmic event occurred. And so, the man who "cried wolf," then goes incommunicado, probably embarrassed that his prediction did not push through.

Considering that we were ahead of most readers time zone wise, I sort of was anticipating what was to happen to us, last Saturday, at 6pm. Nothing happened, although I was watching these ladies perform and do their thing, I'd die happy if if it really ended on that moment.

Here forth are links to make your morning.

First up, some local news. Oddly enough, I did not feel an earthquake late last night. Must be really dense. (c/o Philippine Star) Not only that, there is a storm in the midst (c/o Philippine Daily Inquirer).

Only in the Philippines, where a prisoner actually gets a "vacation" (c/o GMA News)

Football preparations well underway for our World Cup Qualifier being slightly over a month away. (c/o GMA News)

Manny Pacquiao does not want you to use condoms. (c/o Fire Quinito) Meanwhile, he already has something lined up for November (c/o San Antonio Express) and it is not this guy (c/o Underdog Boxing). He is already earmarked for Glee, by the way. (c/o ABS-CBN News)

Bernard Hopkins still knows how to throw barbs, and not just the ones he threw at Donovan McNabb. (c/o Bragging Rights Corner). Chad Dawson is the next hurdle, I presume (c/o Boxing News 24).

On the other hand, it's time, Roy Jones, jr. It's time. Enough. (c/o Ball Junkie).

Oscar Dela Hoya needs to get things back in order. (c/o Daily Star)

Hey, got nothing to do due to the lockout, Ray Edwards goes the Zbikowski route. (c/o Shutdown Corner). On the other hand, Garrett Wolfe takes the Dez Bryant route and goes another notch. (c/o Bear Goggles On)

Tedy Bruschi successfully climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro. (c/o ESPN Boston)

Heisman, duck! (c/o Sportsrageous)

Appy State might crash the BCS party. It'll take forever, though. Still remember how the pulled the rug at the Big House. (c/o College Football Talk)

The Lacrosse Final Four is complete. (c/o Washington Post) and one ended in clutch (SB Nation DC).

The Belmont Stakes lost luster, but the battle between Shackleford and Animal Kingdom might be the headline. (c/o Louisville Courier-Journal)

There was volleyball in the Preakness. (c/o Examiner)

The French Open has begun! (c/o Wall Street Journal) As such, it also gives me license to post this:

FC Porto is dominating Portugal (c/o Pravda) and Europe (c/o New York Times' Goal).

A French club ended their title drought that lasted as long as the San Francisco Giants. (c/o Football Fan Cast)

Why should Landon Donovan go to AS Roma? A guy gave 100 reasons. (c/o Sensible Soccer)

We know college football and how some teams handle Twitter, Manchester United might provide a template for professional clubs to go forth with. (c/o The Guardian)

Real Madrid and Philadelphia fans about make themselves comfy with each other. (c/o Yahoo!)

The fix is in for him. (c/o Goal)

Adios to the Premiership for Birmingham (c/o Daily Mail). But for Blackpool, they might luckily get a European backdoor amidst their relegation (c/o Blackpool Gazette).

Roman Abramovich does not like failure. (c/o The London Telegraph)

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllll! Ronaldo! (c/o Who Ate All The Pies)

Canada at the pole. (c/o Toronto Sun) Here are your 33 racers for the milk bottle (c/o Auto Racing Daily). Their Euro-based cousins had a race in Spain with Bassy dominatin'. (c/o The First Post)

Can the Iceman make the Montoya transition? (c/o Autoblog)

Carl Edwards, millionaire. (c/o From the Marbles)

The slide downwards continues for Tiger Woods, and with that, so does golf's major relevance. (c/o ProGolf Talk)

Canucks just one game away from Lord Stanley's finals. (c/o Vancouver Sun)

The Bolts are around (c/o Slap Shot). And they made themselves known (c/o Boston Globe).

Because they do not understand this procedure, MLB thinks this is performance-enhancing. (c/o New York Daily News) And with the results Colon is showing, others want it, too. (c/o San Francisco Chronicle)

Cliff Lee shows the Rangers what they're missing. (c/o Dallas Morning News)

What lies in the immediate horizon for the Yankees: tempering Jose Bautista (c/o Newark Star-Ledger).

Is the cure for the Philly woes is with them all along? (c/o Philadelphia Sports Daily)

Fredi now has no worries on where Jason Heyward is in the batting order. (c/o Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Mavs lead Thunder after three games. (c/o Sports Illustrated)

NBA does the right thing and rescinded the Chandler tech after the James Harden acting job. (c/o Sportsgrid)

These are the kind of things that wrecked the Garnett-Starbury pairing in Minnesota. Can KD and Russ fix it? (c/o Larry Brown Sports)

Found it odd that a guy who shot 24 free throws two games later just shoots one. (c/o CBS Sports)

Bosh-tacular performance. (c/o Miami Herald)

He might be the missing piece they need. (c/o Florida Sun-Sentinel)

Emotions got the best of Joakim Noah (OutSports). Considering he really got outplayed, don't blame him as the fans got onto him.

Finally, someone gets to pay for the Stow beating. (c/o New York Post)

To part, here is something we all desperately need.

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