Tuesday, May 24, 2011

South Beach Pests

Just as you thought South Beach cannot be as annoying as it is with all the fuss and hullabaloo around it, it just keeps on going...

Game 3 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami not only featured jousting between Joakim Noah and a fan, which will cost the young Bulls center some dough, but also much fuss with TNT's Charles Barkley.

Chuck, of course, has been critical of the Miami Heat all season. He also picked the Bulls to advance. Obviously, some Heat fans felt that this is an affront to them, and let him know about that. Chuck, knowing him, gave them an appropriate response.

As such, the TNT set is to be moved inside the AAA.

*c/o Opposing Views, USA Today, and Chicago Breaking Sports.

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  1. The team is called the HEAT, but the fans are called LUKEWARM well until the playoffs come though.