Saturday, May 28, 2011

Et tu, Scottie Pippen?

So, Scottie Pippen said that LeBron James is a better player than Michael Jordan. Interesting to note that it was Chris Broussard, the guy other than Brian Windhorst on ESPN that is thought to be the closest to James, who asked the question. Chris was guy who insisted that the James is going to Miami just before "The Decision" took place.

Feel free to compare His Airness to the King. Restrict yourself up to Jordan's first threepeat, if you want. Lebron has a long way to go. Will he get there, it's up to him and what does he want to do with what lies ahead for his future. He has to answer the question: What do I definitely want to accomplish, really?

In addition, it's hard for us to judge legacies when one has not yet finished his and is still in the midst of carving what his true legacy is, was and will be. We still do it because it makes good conversation and debate.

All I know is, we will have an idea on how things might just turn into when the games tip off American Airlines Arena / Center.

Update: Just as I am writing this, Pip tweets his explanations.

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