Monday, June 27, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 6/27 edition

Welcome to today's edition of The Victory Formation.

First of all, thanks to P@ and Jen for the message they left on Facebook. Much appreciated.

I read here that someone was whining about the rain they had during the weekend. Well, the past few days have been a little rough on my end. I even got a case of the sniffles right now. But I need to remain healthy and stay the course. I have to focus because I need to be in tip-top shape for the week ahead. On Wednesday, the Philippines will be facing off in the 2014 World Cup Qualifier against Sri Lanka. Me and my friends will go to a sports bar to watch this in the afternoon. This Sunday, we will be hosting them and hopefully, I can secure media accreditation to cover this event.

Here forth are the links you requested after the jump.

So, how did Mexico win their 5th Gold Cup? (c/o Zonal Marking)

Jonathan Bornstein had a tough night at the Rose Bowl. (c/o Goal)

Tim Howard caught sourgraping. (c/o Dirty Tackle)

Unbelievable. Imagine the Boston Celtics getting sent to the D-League. That just happened in Argentina. (c/o Toronto Sun)

Spanish dominance extends to their Under-21 squad. (c/o London Telegraph)

The Women's World Cup has already commenced. (c/o San Francisco Chronicle) The United States will make their 1st match tomorrow against North Korea. They are definitely under pressure.

Apparently, there are concerns over World Cup preparedness. And we just had the event last year. (C/o Sambafoot)

Football trying its darndest to eliminate acting. Other sports *cough*basketball*cough* should take heed. (c/o The Union Leader)

Just so you know, this is what GITC is doing... (c/o Guy in the Corner)

Really great piece by Chad Ford on Jimmy Butler (c/o ESPN)

Mutant Russian Mark Cuban wants to be a political kingpin (c/o Gant Daily).

Nene is a free agent. Sorry, Brazil. He needs to ensure he gets paid. And he will be. (c/o SB Nation Denver)

Why would David West turn down the extension? (c/o Thunderous Intentions)

Odds are the lockout might be here to stay. (c/o Tuscon Citizen)

Now the national nightmare of Scottie Pippen can end now. (c/o Sportsgrid)

Adios, Nate Marquardt. (c/o NBC Sports)

Meanwhile, looks like UFC in the NY is still a probable no-go. (c/o NY Post)

There actually is a fashion police in Wimbeldon. No wonder it's a white party at SW19. (c/o The Australian)

Just one American dude left in Wimbledon. (c/o Tennistalk) On the other hand, the women's bracket is so wide-open. (c/o The Sports Campus)

It ain't Rosenblatt, but its legend might get there. (c/o Kansas City Star)

The U-19 basketball roster has been released. (c/o Detroit News)

Ohio State and soul-searching. Really. (c/o The Sporting News)

There was a NHL Draft. (c/o Montreal Gazette)

They're back. (c/o Toronto Star)

Could Davey Johnson keep things rollin'? (c/o Washington Post)

Sparky in Detroit. (c/o Detroit Free Press)

Top sports movie cameos. (c/o From The Marbles)

Really bad job in editing. (c/o New York Daily News)

MMA mockery rankings. (c/o Cracked)

If there is a season, this is what you will see at the Ralph. (c/o Buffalo News)

To part, here's one of my favorite musicians. I'd love for them to come here and do a gig.

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