Monday, June 6, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 6/6 edition

Hello everyone! Welcome to the latest edition of The Victory Formation.

That billboard right there is on a main thoroughfare around the corner and round the bend.

As this is the first Monday of June, most of the kids consider this as the first day of school. A new dawn as they return to the books and the classrooms. In fact, hashtag themes (because we're part of the regional trending groups that you can check on Twitter) that trended included #tipsfor(insertyouralmamater) freshies. It's nice to look back and see some good memories and then realize you are really that old.

Some schools, though would rather have their opening after the Philippine Independence Day holiday. Makes things easier.

P.S. It's the end of summer but we had the second hottest day in Imperial Manila yesterday. Sheesh.

Here forth are the links after the jump:

The King of Clay. He has staked his claim to greatness. (c/o The Guardian)

China makes history for tennis. On the day of infamy in Tiananmen Square. (c/o San Francisco Chronicle)

The Super Six Final is set. Froch and Ward. (c/o USA Today)

What would you do if some guy offered you $65 million or even $75 million to fight? Floyd reportedly declined. Pacquiao and El Canelo? Just do it. (c/o FightHype)

Is Guus the answer for Stamford Bridge? (c/o The Daily Mail)

He must be feeling good being in control again. (c/o Daily Mirror)

I fear he will be used as a figurehead to show facade. (c/oSport Business)

Chicharito continues his excellent form. (c/o The Busby Way)

Is US Soccer ready to grab the Gold Cup? (c/o The Detroit News)

FIFA dinosaurs? Yup. Maradona just went there. (c/o London Telegraph)

Dale jr. gets pipped again. (c/o From The Marbles)

The New Big 10 a.k.a the Old Big 12 tinkers its tournament for obvious reasons. (c/o Sportsrageous)

So that's why the lesser Melo was like that... (c/o Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician)

Nittany Lions get a new Chamber(s). (c/o Boston Globe)

The New Big Twelve a.k.a Old Big Televen chose Lucas Oil. I still think it should be either Soldier or Lambeau. (c/o Black Shoe Diaries)

The new Winnipeg franchise wants to build on something new with someone else to purchase the groceries. (c/o National Post)

Canucks rollin' in the deep. (c/o Montreal Gazette) Game 3 in a matter of hours. (c/o Nucks Misconduct)

John Kuester now has a lot of free time in his hands. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Still think he should be the head coach in Toronto. (c/o Lakers Nation)

Chris Bosh poked the Mavs in the eye. (Sports Illustrated)

Lebron James vs Gregg Doyel. (c/o Black Sports Online). His response? (c/o CBS Sports)

To part, here is a nice beat.

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