Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dissecting the 2011 NBA Draft (Lottery Portion)

The NBA draft is coming in a few days, so let's dissect the lottery-bound draft selections after the jump.

Cleveland - It looks as clear as day that they will be selecting Kyrie Irving. If that is the case, the question is when will he become the PG of the present instead of the future. They'll have to trade either Ramon Sessions or Baron Davis or possibly even both. If one goes, the other will be mentoring the Duke alumnus.

Minnesota - It is still unclear if they will be keeping this selection. Derrick Williams is ideal pick here, so this could possibly be a placeholder. The fate of the 2012 Clippers draft prospects lies with how David Kahn handles this.

Utah - Could it be indicative that the Jazz are planning on trading away Devin Harris if they draft Brandin Knight? All those who were in the pro-Jason Kidd side of the Mavs-Nets deal are currently giddy.

Cleveland - It makes sense for the Cavs to draft a big to pair it with their Irving selection. They would prefer getting Williams here, but that is probably unlikely. A young big body like an Enes Kanter to pair with another young big body in JJ Hickson, with Anderson Varejao being the chief reliever for both would be just fine.

Toronto - Wise selection of Dwayne Casey as their head coach. He surely deserved a second shot at a head coaching gig. Team need post players because of their current roster is littered with jump shooters, so drafting the Lithuanian bigman Jonas Valanciunas makes sense. Buyout price is a little steep and he might need some more seasoning in Europe

Washington - The Wizards need players to complement John Wall. They already have something to work with in Javale McGee and Andray Blatche. A guy like Kawhi Leonard would suffice. A plus would be the fact that he is not a headcase.

Sacramento - The Kings need more weapons. Jan Vesely fits the bill. It is important to note that one of the bigger rumors has been the interest of San Antonio for this lottery pick with the use of Tony Parker as bait.

Detroit - The Pistons have their ownership issue resolved. They have not yet finalized on who will be handling the team, but for now, Joe D calls the shots. They need succession plans for the likely departure of Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince, so a pick like Klay Thompson might just be the right one.

Charlotte - Jordan's crew typically go after those who came from name schools, so I would go with Marcus Morris of Kansas. The Bobcats took a step back in trading away Crash, so they need anybody who can contribute.

Milwaukee - After the disappointment of missing the playoffs following a season where they took the Atlanta Hawks to the limit, they need to reload. I have the enigmatic Bismack Biyombo here, as the someone who can be plugged in given Andrew Bogut's injury history as of late.

Golden State - The new regime has come in and taken over what was Nellieball. Mark Jackson will ask for a greater effort on the defensive end. What they need is additional size in the backcourt, because they currently start two Lilliputians in Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis. The Colorado guard Alec Burks fits the bill here, because he's 6'6".

Utah - Since they took a guard at 3, expect them to go for a big man at 12. Tristan Thompson makes sense. Having him and Derrick Favors is like having Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap, only much cheaper. This might not be popular with those who want "native son" Jimmer to be their choice. The only way that happens is if Derrick Williams falls to three, freeing the need for a big.

Phoenix - They still need additional spare parts, but the allure of pairing Steve Nash with Jimmer Fredette is intriguing.

Houston - Morey has a knack for going after role players who can contribute in multiple ways. Chris Singleton would be a nice toy for new head coach Kevin McHale to play with.

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