Friday, June 17, 2011

Precautionary Measures for FIFA Qualification in home games.

It's important that we act responsibly in what do as fans of the sport, especially since are riding the crest of an early wave of popularity of football. As such, we ought to not devolve into acts of hooliganism and rioting, something that was recently seen in a tranquil and lovely place named Vancouver just days ago.

As such, here are eh FIFA guidelines that are to be followed on the home games, starting in July 3 at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium.

If you are a Kaholero, just watch out for a guide on how to do the chants and / or drums. Don't worry on the aquadrums just yet, let someone else instead do the worrying for you. Focus on how to get the beats and chants down pat.

Most of all, #WeBelieve.

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