Monday, March 26, 2012

Blog Outsourcing - March 26, 2012

It's another Manic Monday.

So, the Final Four is set. Congratulations to Kentucky, Louisville, Kansas and Ohio State. The establishment once again reigns in the NCAA, as a SEC, B1G, Big East and a Big 12 team asserted their claim. Kentucky is filled with boatloads of talent, which Cal will reload, and reload he will until the NBA pries him away. Standing in his way is a familiar nemesis in Rick Pitino and his Cardinals, the champions of the Big East. Then we have Bill Self against Thad Matta on the other bracket. Maybe we will see the drama we're normally accustomed to here. Who knows.

The women are in their Elite 8 (Baylor-Tenn vs Stanford-Duke, Notre Dame-Maryland vs UConn vs Kentucky) The NIT is also in their Final Four, too. But most of you don't care about that. What more the CBI and the CIT...  

Here forth are the links to make your morning catch-up worthwhile.
Peter Crouch, sensational. See for yourself. (c/o The Guardian & Soccer Blogger)

What ails Liverpool? (c/o The Telegraph)

Canada beats America in futbol, get closer to London. (c/o CBS Sports)

For Chelsea, the cure to an inefficient return on investment? Spend more. (c/o A Different League)

Bolton return to the pitch with a win, with a looming flashback to come. (c/o The Sun and The Independent)

Fiji rules Hong Kong to the delight of these people. (c/o Planet Rugby and AsiaOne)

How the Philippines is working on developing rugby and fared in the Hong Kong 7s. (c/o The Roar and GMA News)

Borat continues to haunt Kazakhstan. (c/o al-Bawaba)

UFC inside a football stadium. Major homefield advantage. (c/o The Province)

Texas mis-step? (c/o Boxing Scene)

We will miss this raconteur. (c/o New York Daily News)

Helio's win in Wheldon's turf. (c/o Washington Post)

Alonso back on the scene. (c/o Grand Prix)

The IceMan cometh... with ice cream. (c/o Big Pond Sport)

Smoked in the rain. (c/o Fox Sports)

The Frozen Four is complete: Boston College, Minnesota, Ferris State and Union. (c/o Boston Globe, Minnesota Daily, Detroit Free Press and Inside Halton)

New arena. Will hockey send a team over? (c/o Montreal Gazette)

The parting video for today is an achievement in video editing. Kudos to the guy who painstakingly went out and gathered the first 234 goals of Lionel Messi for FC Barcelona.

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