Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blog Outsourcing 4/23 edition

The weekend for me was pretty much dictated by this football match. A match between two titans, not just in Spain, but in the world. Even if it took place at 2 in the morning here in the Motherland, these kind of things are must-watch stuff, if you could do so, you must.

The Catalans have dominated this match-up the past few years, especially at the Nou Camp. So to see this victory (as deconstructed here) is really awesome and sweet. Now with four matches remaining, all the current La Liga leaders need are two wins and they secure the title.


Here forth are the links after the jump.
Denny takes it home in Kansas. (c/o Racin Today)

Even NASCAR guys are part of the First SportsMan's tour, too. (c/o Paddock Talk)

The Red Bulls take this one, but not this one. (c/o Al-Jazeera and Washington Post's Soccer Insider)

The Bahrain GP will always be around, I guess, in spite of the tense atmosphere surrounding it. (c/o Northampton Chronicle & Echo)

34 individuals for 33 slots? (c/o WRTV 6)

So, what ails Tiger, from Butch's view? (c/o The Golf Blog)

Small step to finally getting it, Rafa over Nole? (c/o The Daily Telegraph)

No clay for Kim. (c/o Tennis Grandstand)

Floyd Mayweather always got something to say. (c/o The Sweet Science)

Bones got this one, for sure. (c/o Sports Illustrated)

Rugby from the Motherland getting a huge boost. Truly awesome stuff. (c/o Rappler)

Borussia Dortmund, the Kaiser of the Bundesliga. (c/o Globe and Mail)

This is the ultras mentality. Passion is high. Sometimes, too high that they lose control of themselves. (c/o Yahoo!'s Dirty Tackle)

Latest on Fabrice Muamba. (c/o Huffington Post UK)

The chase may still be alive in England, as the red side stalls and the blue side takes advantage. (c/o The Guardian and Belfast Telegraph)

Here's the customary nice piece from Grantland. (c/o Grantland)

This guy might be as good with what he does as Miz is with his spreadsheets. (c/o Courtvision)

Relegation is tough, but they have to face it. (c/o Here In The City)

Uthoff gets freed. Sort of. Kudos to a more observant society. (c/o Ology and The Sportingnews)

What the Paterno family is going to get from Penn State. This, however, still has legs. (c/o Allentown Morning Call)

To quote Dolph Ziggler, I am Perfection. (c/o Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Here are highlights from El Clasico.

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