Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lebron and the Liverpool Shoe

Lebron James has said that he wants to be a billionaire athlete. To get there, he'll have to make smart marketing decisions with the stuff that he is responsible with. His latest effort to get to that milestone involves his latest plaything.

As part of his deal involving his sports marketing firm, LRMR Branding and Marketing, with the Fenway Sports Group just over a year ago, he secured a minority stake in the ownership of Liverpool Football Club. He already made his way to Anfield during the lockout to watch the Reds play. During that time, he gave the players custom-designed Beats by Dre headphones.

Now, he and his Nike cohorts apparently have designed a version of the Nike Lebron 9 Low sneaker, in what was termed as a marriage of an old passion (basketball shoes) with a new one (ownership of a football club). However, if you are a true Kopite, you will see some things that look kinda off.

If you can see there, that is not the Liver-bird, it is a more of a gryphon.

Those are 18 Premier League Trophies there, to mark the 18 championships. Unfortunately, the Premier League officially existed 20 years ago, and the last time Liverpool won a championship was in 1989-90, when it was still called the First Division. Here is a picture of that trophy:

What is especially interesting with this is that Nike's rival Adidas is the official outfitter of the Reds as of the moment, before the move to Warrior Sports.

It is rumoured that this version of the Lebron 9 will be released on May 5, in time for the FA Cup Final between Liverpool and Chelsea. Now we do not know if this colorway will be released given the backlash.

(h/t to The Big Lead and Yahoo!'s Dirty Tackle for the lowdown)

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