Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Viva Filipinas Futbol

The short film above was directed by Nikki del Carmen and co-written with Mia Marci. You are probably familiar with the voice over (that is of course, Ebong Joson a.k.a. The Blue-Haired Fanatic).

This is their entry to a contest sponsored by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). The theme of the contest  is about what is your "view of Asia and Europe’s connections of the future, the diversity of the now and the interesting challenges of a small world with big populations."

This is what they wrote alongside the clip:
Football is the best representation of the relationship between Asia & Europe. European countries like Spain, Germany, England and France lead the sport, however, Asian Countries such as Japan, China and South Korea are starting to become household names with regards to the Sport.

One's national team struggling to reach the heights of being the best in the sport shows how its country's ideals towards moving towards the future, creating healthy competitiveness as well as friendly relationships between country towards one goal...the love of Football.
You can like, tweet or G+1 Nikki's entry here.

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