Friday, November 30, 2012

A Different Kind of a Call to Arms

That is Y! Ph's Passionate fan Bob Guerrero on the left and Craig Burrows on the right. Photo from Bob Guerrero.

A English comrade named Craig Burrows (@craigburrows) wrote this little prose piece in preparation for the upcoming AFF Suzuki Cup Group Stage match against Myanmar to be played tonight. I thought it would be nice to share it with everyone, because it is one filled with passion, because he truly has it for the sport.
Bonifacio Day, do you know his nickname within the KKK?

It was May pag-asa ("There is Hope") and today we as a nation celebrate because he helped deliver that hope and independence was gained.

He was not alone, he worked with a team and today another team does battle for the nation, it is not for independence but it is for national pride and that is something that I am sure Bonifacio understood and I have no doubt that he would be thrilled not just that his name was celebrated on November 30th but that an independent Philippines was free not to fight on the battlefield but on a sporting one as the nation has gained the objective he lived and died for.

I in no way want to imply that the Azkals are on the same level as Bonifacio, I just want to suggest that he would support them and all national teams of a free Pilipinas and encourage us to unite behind them.

Today as you wake remember Bonifacio - May pag-asa - and ask yourself how he would feel seeing his free countrymen fighting for national pride.

Let us celebrate Bonifacio a true hero but let us also unite to celebrate our freedom that we have because he and many others gave their lives that today we may be free.

Happy Bonifacio day let us celebrate him and our independence by uniting and standing for national pride. God bless.
On Andres' 149th birthday (and also happens to be Global FC defender and Philippine international Carlie de Murga's 24th natal day as well), may we as a nation provide him with something he'd approve, that is to express and show our pride as a Filipino nation in what we do on the field and in the stands (whether at Supachalasai Stadium or at a sports bar or even at home).

Oh and as Tony Kornheiser would say: "Do Wear White." The Philippines will be wearing that color later, and so should we.

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