Friday, November 23, 2012

The Trequartista Sweeper - Envisioning how we play

The roster for the AFF Suzuki Cup will be revealed later this afternoon.

When the 35-man pool was released, I was intrigued with the possibilities as to who should be in the roster. I thought carefully about how Hans Michael Weiss used his roster in his previous competitions, the availability and form of those individuals, and came out with my own projected lineup for the Suzuki Cup.

That pool has since shrunk since Marvin Angeles, Matthew Uy, Mark Hartmann, OJ Porteria and Lexton Moy were left behind and Neil Etheridge, Roland Muller, Stephan Schrock and Manny Ott pretty much ruled themselves out due to their unavailability.

With that, this is my own constituted 22-man lineup.

GKs: Sacapano, Cuaresma (2)
DFs: de Murga, J. Guirado, Cagara, Gier, Jonsson (5)
MFs: Mulders, Lucena, de Jong, Gonzales, Greatwich, Mw. Angeles (6)
Wingers: Omphroy, Caligdong, Reichelt, Christiaens, JYH (5)
FWs: PYH, Wolf, A. Guirado, Araneta (4)

This would be my preferred starting XI

You're probably wondering why I have this formation.

1. The best way to make Ed Sacapano's life easy is to have a rock-solid back line to neutralize the opposition. Having veterans like Gier and Jonsson with added upgrades in Juani, Dennis and Jerry will surely help in neutralizing the likes of Le Cong Vinh and Teerasil. If we need offense from the back line, we can then insert the Global FC wingers Omphroy and Christiaens to provide some spark.

2. Guirado and PYH are interchangeable. We already saw the potential of Phil as feeder in their friendly against Singapore.

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