Saturday, November 3, 2012

Miccoli equates CM Punk and Juventus

The Old Lady and the Best in the World. In the same sentence.

Palermo striker (and former Juventus player) Fabrizio Miccoli compared his old club to the reigning WWE champion, noting that according to Fabrizio...
"CM Punk, the WWE Champion for 344 days, is like Juve, as they are both strong and because they are great fighters,"
He also noted this little nugget.
“They take advantage of all little situations they can. For example, on Sunday at Hell in a Cell, he kept the title because the referee gave a low blow to the opponent and this is the kind of thing that happens in wrestling.”

On Serie A action this past Halloween, the Bianconeri barely escaped with a 2-1 victory over Bologna, thanks to this Paul Pogba winner.

The win keeps the reigning Scudetto holders devoid of a loss, with only a late September goalless draw with Fiorentina keeping them from having a perfect record after ten matches.

It is interesting to note that Miccoli is a huge wrestling fan and has used John Cena's "You Can't See Me" schtick as a goal celebratory move, seen here below. Coincidentally, it just so happens that WWE is currently on their European swing.

and here

I just find the idea of equating wrestling (we all know what this is about, really) and football (which has had problems with its players faking it, via dives and other histrionics) fascinating.

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