Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 4/12

Wassup! Another day, another week in the sporting realm of Sparty and Friends.

It has been sizzling hot over the past few days here in the islands. The heat, plus the additional work I have been assigned here in the office, has somewhat sapped me of my mind lately. Don't worry. There will be a NBA post being cooked up. Just waiting for the regular season to end. I might throw in another one for good measure. Just hoping that my mind would be able to cooperate.

Just as your college basketball season has ended, mine has just begun. The local collegiate preseason just began last Saturday, thus beginning the preparations for the quest towards a third straight title. We lose four players (three to graduation, which we are definitely proud of, one having to redshirt due to injury.) But knowing how prestigious my alma mater is, there are always good recruits down the pipeline, those that can withstand the rigors of being a true student-athlete. Yes, we will miss the low post offense of Rabeh Al-Hussaini, the defensive acumen of Nonoy Baclao, and the outside sniping of Jai Reyes, but we still have key cogs waiting to take over the mantle of leadership, like Eric Salamat and our own version of the Truth, Ryan Buenafe. And of course, this guy who has a knack of beating Tigers. Plus, we get training from Kobe.

Speaking of Tigers, here are the links:

The winner of the 2010 Masters also took time off from golf to deal with issues. As for you know who, well... some guy already predicted his 2010 schedule.

Anthony Kim was *this close* to winning it. And of course, no discussion of Anthony Kim is complete without showing you...
This year's Hard Knocks is going to be must-see TV. IMHO, this is a warning shot to someone by the Rooneys (Character above all). And yes, I am going to see / hear a lot of 60-minute puns for Mike Wallace. Too much of it, I predict.

Speaking of the Jets, still no word on Jason Taylor joining them. Looks like both the Redskins and the Jets are trying to secure either a DeLorean or the Hot Tub Time Machine with their acquisitions.

This matters because we really do not know who faces who right now.

Goodbye, Texas Stadium. Do you have any memories?

If this sale does not push through, it is Robert Mugabe's fault.

Casey saved the Brewers from the Pujols.

Can we give it to Doc already? But Lincecum won't give it up that easily.

So far, so good for the hidden assets in the minors, both in Altoona and in Louisville.

The AL Central race can be described as simply feisty. Feisty all season long. Speaking of which, will J-Rod describe the feeling of Target Field?

More fodder for concern for Red Sox Nation. As if Papi's hitting issues were not enough... Speaking of Papi, why would he speak out for him? Guilt by association? Maybe not.

We don't want another case of the Korey Stringer.

Happy to see this guy box again. I would not mind Manny facing him over Floyd. However, this is one of the many reasons why the heavyweight division is a joke. Meanwhile in MMA, lots of talk regarding Anderson Silva.

Father and son are together again.

Bulls looking good to be the first sacrificial lambs to the Lebrons. Speaking of Bron, he needed a day off.

Blazers needed the win, but suffered a crucial loss. Up next, a dogfight with the Durants, who botched it against the Currys.

If he gets the 20-5-5, #Reke4Roy, right?

Remember Derrick Coleman?

Futbol alert. Lionel Messi is awesome. So is Barcelona.

Video: Why is Lionel Messi awesome.

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