Monday, April 26, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 4/26

Welcome to the final TMA for April 2010. It was Earth Day last Thursday, and there have been lots and lots of weird environmental occurences. With earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and the ridiculous heat, it is as if Mother Earth is giving us a wassup?! (Or Maybe it is just Al Gore, who will be here in the islands in June). So here are some ways of accelerating the healing process (Info taken from here).

12. Ride your bike. Cycledan would approve of this.

27. Teach kids about the environment. Dads all over the world would appreciate it.

24. Landscape with native plants. Those with gardens would know how to do this.

19. Bring your own bags to the grocery store. Given a choice between plastic and paper, opt for paper. Some malls here have instituted the BYOB Wednesdays!

9. Recycle your newspapers. Hopefully not recycle old news.

Now, time to make your move. But before that, kindly check the links.

I am terribly annoyed at some people who would rather retire than deal with being undrafted. That guy need to see these people.

Who is Mr. Irrelevant?

Spurs are just one win away from ousting the Mavs. Does Mark Cuban have bad juju?

The 2003 draft studs sure looked the part. Lebron with a trip-doub. Wade scored 46. Melo's Nuggets lost, but he went 39-11.

How to improve the NFL Draft.

I wonder how many teams would benefit from Alan Faneca.

The end of the Jamarcus era. Mercifully.

Maybe he will rediscover the Patron with Pete, who is remaking the Seahawks to look like SoCal.

There may be still hope for this guy.

Aren't the Mets getting too much tWWL exposure?

Who thought the Red Wings get tested to the limit? Meanwhile, the best chance for Canadian hope is still alive.

Should Savard do the Brandon Roy?

Finally, Kevin Harvick wins one again.

Chelsea staves off Manchester United, with two games each to go. One pt. separates the two.

To part off, here is some sensual music.

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