Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 4/19

First of all, I had the pleasure of attending my first Auto Show yesterday, I am amazed with all the vehicles that were there. But there was this one that caught my eye.

Pardon as it is not much, you can say it is partially mailed-in.

And so, it's linking time.

The Durantulas get a reality check. Durant may have had difficulty against RonRon, but he is not fazed.

Magic survive a crash comeback. This matchup features two people from the classic series Avery Johnson wants to forget. Oh, Captain Jack's just fine.

Is this Hasselhoff-lover the best Euro ever?

It took two days, but the road team finally won a game. Because it was Miller Time.

We all knew KG's punk ass attitude will finally catch up to him. Now he pays the price. Q-Rich just pays. And Wade is thinking Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Here's the memo on Memo: You're done.

Fanhouse has everything covered in this post.

He can play, but the question is actually where will he end up?

Jonathan Dwyer must be emulating Ricky.

Jason Heyward's legend continues. As the 7th person in the batting order.

Congrats Vin Scully! Manny sent you a gift.

Running always helps clear your head. Ask Ubaldo.

Have the Sharks perfected the art of choking?

And enjoy the week ahead.

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